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Crushed by coronavirus: United Airlines to lay off up to 36,000 U.S. employees in October

In a memo to employees, the Chicago-based airline said 36,000 employees, or 45% of its frontline workers in the United States and more than a third of its overall workforce of 95,000, face layoffs on or around Oct. 1. ( さらに...

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dee9bee 4
I believe that's a federally required notice. We'll see what actually occurs.
Chris B 3
Exactly. This is the Worst possible scenario. The final decisions will be 100% dependent on consumer and business demand.
yes,the WARN notice is requireD by law for layoffs that will involve many people or work groups..if the passenger loads do not pick p quite a bit,then mumbers mentioned are a definite possibility..I can tell you i live in the flight path for a major airport served by ual,and the skies have been so very,very quiet for the last three months its unbelievable!the city is concerned as well because ual employees several thousand people living here or based does appear that due to the serious rise in covid cases,and possible stay at home orders being brought back,people will not be flying or planning for thanksgiving or christmas or even a rip to the Bahamas..
aurodoc 1
Flying or any socially confined activity be it cruising, eating out, or taking a flight for fun or business will not pick up until there is a vaccine and it will be 2 years before all are vaccinated and people are ready to travel. The airlines cannot sell any assets (planes)
for revenue because all airlines in the same boat. Same with cruise lines. They will all file for bankruptcy and cut their employees creating even more unemployment. There is no V recovery and people need to be prepared for more pain.
I guess that depends on how you define “pick up”. Flying is certainly picking up and has been for a while now, it’s just not anywhere near what it was before the wuflu.
The TSA is publishing the numbers here

Still way down, but we are seeing increases every week. July 9th had over 700,000 passengers (compared to 2.6mm last year). It is going to be a long road ahead, but things are slowly improving.
Either way it goes... It is not good news!
I was on a flight from Dallas to Indianapolis on American Airlimes and the flight was 85% full. Pretty good increase I would think
Did they all have masks?
Yes they were required and stay on in flight with the exception of taking a drink or having a snack of course.
The WARN notice has to be filed with the worst-case scenario announced. The labor leaders love it because the other prong of the notice is it will put pressure on the Federal Government to extend their economic grants till March. A publicity win win...
AA and Dl to follow
But will continue running full flights?

I was talking to the boss of a work crew yesterday. None were wearing masks. He was saying that they have been working together for years, and he felt 'safe' and trusted them. Then I said 'as long as you can trust everyone they come into contact when they aren't at work, you might not get it. He looked at me with a recognition that obviously hit him where he thought he was safe.

Yes, you can work 9 to 5 with someone, and even lunch with them, so 9 hours out of the day, but what about those other 15 hours can be filled with a hell of a lot of risky behavior. Can you trust everyone they came into contact when they were outside of your view?


The current administration, and too many governors DO NOT CARE. So CARE! Respect others. Wear a damn mask. Stay home if you feel sick. Don't help the president spread this to more people.

This is like AIDS. Anyone that you come into contact with that is 'new' to your world, or 'new' to their world, could be positive. Take precautions, or die (or be sick enough to wish you were dead). Cost you, and your family thousands, tens of thousands of dollars for 'surviving' this. Or not... Don't take chances. Protecting yourself protects us all!
ADXbear -8
And people want Joe in office.. if that happens.. kiss ally of airlines goodbye for good.
could you please just not make this a political issue...the covid virus is serious and most certainly mr biden has nothing to do with its spread nor its affect on companies such as cruise lines or airlines or hotels..this site if for aviation related stories or issues,not politics......
Unfortunately it are the politicians who decide for you and you will have to follow and /face the music.
Yes it is about aviation but the whole (aviation) business world suffer because decisions made by governments (politicians) and the airlines look for help and ask their governments (politicians).
D Rotten -3
Mary? EVERYTHING IS POLITICAL!!!!! And I DO mean EVERYTHING!!! That's what we call REALITY.
sparkie624 -7
That is an understatement... But I predict Trump will win by Big Numbers....
watkinssusan not bring politics into this site..its not meant for that purpose...
Mary grow up, politics is part of life.
Please tell that to the virus.
Your Prediction is a losing bet... the Idoit will be gone
Dave Hahn -3
And yet some know how to spell “ idiot”. Priceless
Sorry for the typo asshole
That shows are clueless and uneducated you are.... trumpf thankfully will be gone in 194 days and hopefully the Repugnant's will lose the Senate.
Dave Hahn -4
The Biden group is absolutely rabid about getting rid of fossil fuels. And you think this bodes well for aviation. Freaking priceless
USSR, here we come.
D Rotten -6
The 'big, bad virus' hasn't done anything!! It is the CORRUPT politicians who have caused this economic disaster. And now, it is the companies, THEMSELVES, who are shooting themselves in the foot by CONTINUING this PLANNEDemic BS (masks, 'social distancing', ect); now it's SELF-INFLICTED! It still blows my mind, the HIGH NUMBER of LOW IQ Americans who are still 'believing' that the FLU is some kind of PLAGUE!!! This FALSE narrative of a 'pandemic' is EASILY PROVEN to be FAKE with 30 mins of RESEARCH!! (NOT using HEAVILY CENSORED google!!!). Anyone who loses their business, or their job because they're too stupid to LEARN THE FACTS, DESERVE what they get!
I will NOT go anywhere where I am FORCED to wear a mask! And, LEGALLY, 'they' CANNOT MAKE PEOPLE WEAR a mask! Wearing masks is EXTREMELY UN-HEALTHY!!!!!!!!
You are completely out of your mind...just like Trump
Please be a Patriot and get the virus, you are what's WRONG with this country along with the conman trumpf and his REAL swamp of cronies and Fox News.... ALL ignoramuses.
Dave Hahn -5
Do your parents know you are out of the basement
And their service will simply remain as bad as always.
sarafinc -1
I remember when Boeing had enormous manufacturing delays due to "globalization". Parts made from all over the globe couldn't get synched into their manufacturing processes. . I remember when our elected officials allowed IBM & Coke into China in the early 70's. The genesis for our manufacturing sector & tax revenue to be relocated and lost forever. "Bye bye American Pie". Its corporate America that put people out in the streets, and made everyone believe we were getting a deal while the lobbyist in Washington were licking the chops. Currently, the coronavirus has made the contrails disappear, but their coming back again...and; maybe the word "layoff"s will be foreign again. It can again...


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