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Dutch investigators name 4 suspects in #MH17 shootdown

Dutch investigators have named four people they say are responsible for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines flight MH17 from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in 2014. Three Russians and a Ukrainian have been charged with bringing a missile into the area in eastern Ukraine and with murdering 298 passengers and crew. International arrest warrants have been issued for the four men. Flight MH17, A Boeing 777-200, was shot down by Pro-Russian Rebel forces over the Donetsk region of Ukraine. It was fired… ( More...

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AWspicious13 4
Yah.... Good luck with that. Nobody will ever stand trial for that incident, much less be imprisoned. Although, I do understand this is a formality which must be undertaken....albeit in vain.
Tim Dyck 4
The big question no one asks is why were they flying passenger jets over a war zone.
John Yarno 3
The short reply is that they were not told. The NOTAM was only a very poor cop-out.
David Seider 2

Assuming that the insurer of this aircraft is as risk-averse as any other insurance company that I'm familiar with, then that IS the proverbial elephant-in-the-parlor.

Just today, the FAA has prohibited US carriers from overflying Iran, and other world carriers have followed suit.

I'm sure that there aren't many aircrews out there who would be terribly keen on overflying some chunk of real estate where bullets are going back-and-forth.
Tim Dyck 1
Especially arias were SAMs are being thrown around. A SAM differentiate between a combat aircraft and a civilian aircraft.
cparks 3
Incomprehensible NOTAM.

Tim Dyck 2
Yeah I don’t know how pilots can decipher some of those.
David Seider 2
Thank you, cparks. I appreciate the info!
Ed Merriam 1
EVERY other flight was routed well over Russian Federation terrain, this one added 10 degrees and was hit by one hotshot or another (IIRC they found a knee-high pile of vodka bottles, but that doesn't tell us anything)
Cansojr 4
We know beyond a reasonable doubt that Russia will ever turn the goons over to the Dutch, Malaysian, and Internaational Court to be charged with firing a Russian made BUK MISSILE that hit the aircraft killing everyone on board. Justice might be evaded by Putin and his managed democracy.
David Seider 3
Not so much "Justice might be evaded...", but more "Justice will be evaded...".

Comrade Putin will just perform a rude hand gesture in the direction of the Dutch courts. Followed by a phrase on the lines of "Go suck eggs".
Cansojr 1
Hi David, Than you for your input. Your suggestion, "Justice will be evaded"". It gives my short sentence more punch. Thanks Again!
Cansojr 1
One of the worst crimes committed after the shoot down of Russian separatists were permitted to rummage through the belongings of the dead on the ground. Where does mercy end and personal greed begin. It was sickening watching Russian thugs taking things and personal affects from the bodies littered over the crash site.
Kevin Keswick 1
This investigation has been a fraud from the beginning. Ukraine - a prime suspect - was allowed to join the investigation and was given veto over what information could be released. Based on serial numbers from the recovered BUK missile Russia was able to provide extensive documentation proving the BUK was delivered to Ukrainian forces during the Soviet era. The President of Malaysia stated recently he had no confidence in the investigation and that it appeared it was intended to frame Russia. It is disgraceful that the Netherlands is playing politics instead of finding who was responsible for shooting down the jet killing many of its citizens. The families of the victims should be up-in-arms over this sham investigation. Why did Ukraine allow commercial flights to overfly what they knew was a war zone? It seems that they were looking to create an incident to blame on Russia and so far it appears it has worked. This will just incentivize more attacks on civilian airliners in the future.
What ever happened to the information from this very site (and live tracking map) that for about 24 or so hours after the 'disappearance' the flight (not the regular craft for the flight in question) went into China?

All of us here are smart enough to see that the craft in question had never taken that route day prior (and obviously) not since.


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