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American Airlines flight attendants complain about the tiny bathrooms on the 737 MAX

Passengers who fly on American Airlines’ 737 Max planes will probably notice that the lavatories are extra small, with sinks so tiny that fliers can only wash one hand at a time. ( More...

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canuck44 22
It is only a matter of time until we hear a flight had to be diverted because and morbidly obese passenger managed to wedge themselves onto the toilet, was immobilized between the narrow walls and the crew was unable to open the door to extract the victim.
Torsten Hoff 17
...or wasn't able to get into the lavatory in the first place and used the galley instead.
Or won't pay excess baggage, wears excess clothing and gets kicked off and complains it was racist
Willie Wonka 9
Senior Airline Management
“Fred…I’ve been thinking. We can squeeze in two or more extra seats if we get rid of the potties!

Mid Level Airline Management
“What do we do if they need to pee?

Senior Airline Management
“That’s the best part. We can sell those little plastic portable port-a-johns. They make them, I’ve seen them! First Class gets a curtain!

Mid Level Airline Management
“Great idea Boss, I will make sure every flight has a bucket in case we have a Number 2 emergency!”

Senior Airline Management
“Super…Call Boeing-Airbus & Bombardier, tell them we have a change order on all new production!”
toolguy105 0
This has happened and was denied boarding. The passenger may have been arrested as well, I don't remember but I believe it happened on American Airlines
British Airways, perhaps?
Bill Fennelly 12
Waiting for the day we see pay toilets on planes. The airlines will do anything to drive up profits. I can imagine the safety briefing one day including, "In case the aircraft loses pressure, an oxygen mass will drop down AFTER YOU HAVE INSERTED TWO DOLLARS INTO THE OVERHEAD SLOT. Exact change is required."
Jeraboam 1
Canadians are fortunate to have two dollar coins (the Toonie); will the toilets/oxygen masks take our coins or do we need to carry paper money? Will the exchange rate be considered for American made aircraft or will we get a break since the toonie is worth $1.60 US currently?
jeff slack 8
Aren't cabin interiors set by the airline and not Boeing or Airbus?

Cabin interiors are always less then the mocked up prototype.

I have yet to walk on to any carriers flying the 787 or A350 and enter into what was shown before service started; "The Foyer" with credenzas separating first and the regular still walk on board right into a galley.

There were also to be windows in the toilets, I have yet to come across an airline with a window in the toilet.
dee9bee 12
Only a bit off topic, but about the window in the lav...I read in a Robert Serling book about a flight over fifty years ago on a L188 Electra that had the lav window. A little old lady entered the lav, did her business and exited. For some reason, the Stewardess checked out the lav and found that the LOL had pinned the lav window curtains 29,000 feet!
Bob Horgan 1
I heard of a similar story in the 60's, except that the aircraft was a DC6.
Colin Seftel 4
The A340-600 flown by South African Airways has a window in some of the lavatories.
Gary Koenig 1
Lufthansa, think it's the A340, and was in business
Rob Palmer 1
I remember the great old DC-6B over Montana at 21000 feet with a crack in the lav window and air leaking out. I kept back in case the window blew out.
toolguy105 5
If the Airlines want larger bathrooms Boeing will offer a different interior option for the 737 MAX airliner. It is the customer who drives the interior design not Boeing.
Teresa Teague 2
Has anyone thought about the disabled? Even Amtrak has a handicap bathroom.
jetserf 2
I wish Boeing would think about the pilots too. The flight decks on 73s are ridiculously cramped. They were ok for regional flights but now 73s fly 6+ hours.
toolguy105 2
Yea the flight decks have been getting smaller and the duration have been getting longer. Must be some relationship between the two. Unlike the interior options I don't think the buyer can do anything about this once the plane hits production. The flight deck is just one module of 3 or 4 that make up the plane.
jetserf 3
Not the buyer, Boeing. An inch or inch and a half of extra space would go a long way. And the bag storage is ridiculous. The worse part of my day flying the 73 was getting my stuff stowed away. The only thing worse is getting settled and then the plane goes down for maintenance and ops told us we had to swap planes.
To paraphrase a line from James Michner's "Centennial," "Our designs are for our profit, not your comfort."
Tom Bruce 4
used to work with colon and rectal surgeons... had a fat lady wedge herself into A?C john... while sitting she flushed... big behind effectively sealed the pot ... pulled one foot of her colon out her you know what..
canuck44 3
Common and often fatal injury when kids sit on swimming pool drains where the grill has been removed or only had a small one originally.
toolguy105 1
I worked for a major International Carrier at JFK and have heard of these stories of customers getting stuck on the toilet. Heard being the operative word hear as no one I have spoken to at any Airline will fess up to it happening on their airline. I have checked the NTSB files for incidents such as this and cannot find any. Even though this is not an accident the NTSB would have a report.
on it.

I'm not saying this has never happened, just saying I cannot validate any claim to it having happened.
David Carr 1
It is reported that the sink is so small, one can only wash one hand at a time.
This should be no problem for most men. Despite what they answer in surveys, from my personal experience in public washrooms, most men do not wash their hands after going to the toilet.
alma tonini 1
On Quantas only one tiny bathroom is provided in business class ana cockpit. Even the pilot was on line to go to toilette
Bill Gardner 1
This sounds like Allegiant Airlines.
They had a prob with a plane so they brought in a big boy, and when I sat down in the front row, I noticed the seats were actually smaller than normal, I am 6'1 and 280, I am a big guy truck driver not round, and when I sat down the seat literally had both arms wedged into my hips, the last flight my wife and I took from Stockton ca to Vegas we sat nicely but this seat was WAY SMALLER, glad I didn't have to use the bathroom.
Bill Gardner 1
I had to go back to find the planes and it was a Airbus A319, normally we flew on the Md-83 and loved it but this 319 was soo damn tight.
Peter Maas 1
Yes CANUCK44, I was a witness of a passenger stuck in the bathroom on a flight from Amsterdam to Chicago. It took 3 men to get her out. They had to press her buttocks with their hands to get her out. How she got in the bathroom in the first place I do not know. It could be that she used a lot of pressure to relieve herself causing the expansion of her body.
Jay Estes 1
first world problems. "both lavatory doors open" almost never happens - this is just whining.
Airlines need to be regulated. No chance of this happening until the current DC regime is sent packing.
Cade foster 0
Hey keep your left wing views to yourself, no place for it here.
All politicians are horrible!

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Rich Boddy 8
What kind of flat out moronic statement is this? Do you usually make really, really bad comments on the internet or is this new for you?


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