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Analyst Predicts Airbus Will Eventually Terminate Bombardier CSeries Program

The Bombardier CSeries may go the way of the McDonnell Douglas MD-95, a Wall Street aerospace analyst predicts: that is, the program is likely to remain unprofitable and be shut down. ( さらに...

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Ok this analyst's reviews don't jive with me!'s like comparing an apple to an orange "Boeing was unable to reduce costs because suppliers, facing a low-production future, were unwilling to cut costs, Harned said.
He believes Airbus faces similar challenges with the CSeries." I think the whole reason it was canned is because Boeing had the 737 already in a similar market, and the Mad Dog's reminded them too much of the original 737 design (until Joe got his hands on the drawings)
What low-production products future??...Bombardier got smart in using all "supplier based" products not just designed for 1 aircraft family but that can and are being used in many (although the higher ups should have listened a heck of a lot earlier in the program, and not wasted so much time and moola)
they will sell in Europe- short distances and good fuel burns... Delta will reorder some more later on, and since this is an improvement on embraer 175 class, anybody flying that would be a candidate for c series.
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The MD95 or better known as B717 was produced from 1998 to 2006. That's are eight years, for me long enough.
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Every program comes to an end eventually...After 30-35 years?
Either to an end or with significant upgrades.
Well Said....


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