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Analyst Predicts Airbus Will Eventually Terminate Bombardier CSeries Program

The Bombardier CSeries may go the way of the McDonnell Douglas MD-95, a Wall Street aerospace analyst predicts: that is, the program is likely to remain unprofitable and be shut down. ( さらに...

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they will sell in Europe- short distances and good fuel burns... Delta will reorder some more later on, and since this is an improvement on embraer 175 class, anybody flying that would be a candidate for c series.
DAL521 2
The MD95 or better known as B717 was produced from 1998 to 2006. That's are eight years, for me long enough.
Ok this analyst's reviews don't jive with me!'s like comparing an apple to an orange "Boeing was unable to reduce costs because suppliers, facing a low-production future, were unwilling to cut costs, Harned said.
He believes Airbus faces similar challenges with the CSeries." I think the whole reason it was canned is because Boeing had the 737 already in a similar market, and the Mad Dog's reminded them too much of the original 737 design (until Joe got his hands on the drawings)
What low-production products future??...Bombardier got smart in using all "supplier based" products not just designed for 1 aircraft family but that can and are being used in many (although the higher ups should have listened a heck of a lot earlier in the program, and not wasted so much time and moola)
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Every program comes to an end eventually...After 30-35 years?
Well Said....
Either to an end or with significant upgrades.


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