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Delta flights to offer free in-flight texting

You'll soon be able to text on any Delta flight for free. Delta (DAL) flights worldwide will have free texting through a Gogo app, starting Sunday. Delta CEO Ed Bastian announced the news on "CBS This Morning" on Wednesday. "You''ll just access the app on the plane itself ... and messaging will be for free," Bastian said. When asked if in-flight calls would be next for Delta, he laughed and said "never in my lifetime." Delta (DAL) says the move… ( さらに...

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Bill Fox 5
I only want to text the cute girl who should have sat next to me but got stuck at the other end of the isle LOL
ARWeiler 3
Best line in the article:
When asked if in-flight calls would be next for Delta, Bastian said "never in my lifetime."
m f 1
Over 700 flights with Delta in the past six years...only Delta bashing I can do is the GOGO internet. I want to know which airline that some of you seem to fly that offers such superlative, low cost, no-extra-fees-for-anything experiences for their customers??? Please, loyalty thus far had obviously been misplaced.
Wait, wait, What? in THE Delta Airlines? Offering something for free? Ha!, poshtosh, never going to happen.... if they offered free texting, they would insist you buy a membership on their internet gateway... or charge for something else.... breathing air maybe.... or a rental charge on the seat.... NO, it taint this Delta... must be some start-up airline in Mogadishu... I mean, really, Delta and Free in the same sentence? hahahahahahahahaha stop, stop, you're killing me!
That's funny right there.
T-mobile users have had free texting for quite some time. Glad to see they are opening it up to other providers.
It's not texting, as in SMS, but:

* WhatsApp
* Facebook Messenger

Which, let's face it, for a lot of people, is basically the same thing.
I can't remember the last time I sent an honest-to-God SMS.
m f 1
And if you are T-Mobile you can still do SMS/MMS like usual the whole flight.
m f 1
American and United will be forced to follow suit. Good news for all!
That is all we need... People can't walk without texting... now we have to sit beside people while they text! UGH!
I'd rather have them texting than talking non-stop.
I couldn't agree more, please just lose your self in your phone and quit talking to me.
Very True and point well taken...
Hopefully users will be forced to disable their "bell" when they receive texts to silent so you will not hear dozens of stupid phone noises each minute.
You ask so much
Good point. I usually mute my "bells". Between my wife and my dad texting me nonstop, I have to.
That's why my noise canceling headphones always have fresh batteries.
You can bet there is a profit in allowing a company that will be gathering phone numbers from texting out of the plane and numbers of receivers of texts. Anybody recall out of the blue lame advertisements in texts? I imagine like in the beginning juno and them automaticly tagging their advertisements on emails and in the program will be part of this gogo app's operating free texts on the planes.
Too bad their garbage WiFi is good for little else. I've seen snails run uphill faster than the retrofit of their 2KU installations. For that reason, I canceled my service several months ago.
m f 1
You must not have actually used their new service yet. It's incredible. Gate to gate wifi that is fast enough to stream HD youtube, netflix, etc. The only slowness is the ping time that is caused by the satellite connection. "It's going to SPACE! Give it a minute!" :) But seriously you wait maybe 1 to 4 seconds before a webpage starts to load and once it does, it's very quick. Streaming video is the same, wait 1 to 4 seconds then it's like regular wifi. Currently installed on about 200 planes and soon to be all of them except the CRJ-200.
You must not have understood my statement. I have, in fact, used their 2KU service- available precisely twice since it was announced on the A/C I've been on. Since riding roughly 250 MQS over the last 2 years, the vast majority of which have been mid range or RJ's. And I can tell you every one of those still has the old ATG service.

I realize 2KU is superior. I'm aggravated at the speed with which the service is being installed.
m f 1
Woops I sure did! Sorry about that.

Ed Bastian has said he thinks the old wifi hurts their reputation and 2KU finally provides the service people expect. I'm sure Delta would like them all installed yesterday.
Alan Zelt -2
So? This is supposed to be news? Believe Alaska already does this.
The world's largest airline giving something for free to every passenger? Yeah, that's news.
Correct. Alaska has had it for a while. Delta is trying to unseat Alaska as the top carrier in Seattle. This is just to stay competitive.
Big Deal!!!!then they can kick you out or punch you in the nose!!!!
m f 4
Wrong airline :)


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