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New England Patriots buy 2 B-767s for team travel!

The New England Patriots will have two (2) Boeing 767s for team travel according to ESPN and! ( さらに...

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QuickBurn 25
Well hopefully they keep the tires properly inflated. They don't need another DeflateGate.
They can land on taxiways, too, because the rules don't apply to them.
Best comment on the web today....good one
scott8733 19
Based on the last several years of competition, methinks the Patriots already owned the Jets.
Yes..the Patriots ALREADY OWNED the JETS...snickers
canuck44 3
They must have other plans for them...two pre-season road trips plus eight away regular season plus/minus playoffs would add up to a major expense particularly since two regular games are close to home in Buffalo and New York. That is a lot of aircraft to be sitting from January to August.Likely Kraft will use them for his soccer team as well.
And vacations
canuck44 2
I suppose if one likes to take a battalion on vacation with bet is that the Krafts own something smaller, faster and more luxurious.
With 4 children and their significant others and 8 grandchildren. along with a few friends, I'd call that a battalion...that plus a great advertising poster.
Trying to jam all those folks into a Gulfstream to go on a holiday..ouch
canuck44 2
LOL...that may be why one goes on a "get away" vacation.
LOL..yea a vacation because of the vacation
Oh boy, here come all the "Patriots" comments... Come'on guys, they won fair and square! I wonder where they acquired the 767s from. Delta?? AA?? Who's gonna maintain them?
peter..if the owners of the team can afford to buy two "used"767 jets, they can afford to contract out maintenance for them to either a private maintenance company,or delta or aa where there would be hangers and spare parts...
jbqwik 1
wow! nice paint.
Two? Do they move that many people, or are they hedging in case one is on the disabled list come game day? Maybe available for trading for a couple backs, ends, a place kicker and play to be named later?
joel..I think maybe they will be providing transportation for sports media,family members,owners and guests as well,and maybe even their teams professional cheerleading group!oh yes, and the trainers,coaches,any medical personnel and maybe even their equipment (unless they truck that in to various workouts and games)...that is a lot of "folks" apart from just the team members!
jbqwik 1
I wondered that too. Not that I should question how they live. After all, fame has its fortune.
Do you suppose one plane for team, another for *teammates? (family, kids, girlfriends, al)
Labor and management separation occurred to me at first.
I have heard of teams retrofitting leased aircraft for "big and tall" guys where the cabin is all basically first class..i guess buying their own jets,having them done inside to accommodate as with the leased aircraft,is probably a better deal all the way around..and you know these teams are financially stable enough to afford it!(still have to hire flight deck crew and flight attendants however,that were provided on charters!)
So I am sure they will charter these planes out for a charter venture for more business. Otherwise, why would you need two to fly max 15 team flights a year. Unless, they cheap really used ones that you expect to break down often..
96flstc 1
registration numbers anyone??
Just hope the NE Coaches don't train the crews - the FAA frowns on making up your own! Which is the way they do things!


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