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Boeing's Latest Plane Is Airlines' Brand New Way To Make You Uncomfortable While They Make More Money

"Unrivaled profits await," croons Boeing's sales video. It's the "the most profitable single-aisle ever." ( さらに...

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s2v8377 14
Boeing is not the ones that comes up with the horrible cabin designs it's the airlines. The airlines have done a nice job of ruining the 777 and 787 which are both great aircraft.
Exactly. That's why I vote with my wallet. United and American are no longer on my eligibility list. Thank Goodness, there are other ways to get from point A to point B.
I fully agree! What a waste of fine aircraft with these horrible seatplans.
There are two types of airline passengers - those that are willing to pay for comfort and those that will accept anything provided it is cheap

The airlines know that there are few of the first and lots of the second
Or, you can just avoid patronizing these bean counters as much as possible. That's what I do.
I agree with s2v8377. My 787 trip from Dallas to Madrid with AA last week was a huge disappointment. The seat in front of me was so close, my legs were obstructed by the chair supports in front of me. I had never experienced this degree of discomfort before. It prevented me from being able to enjoy many of the cool features I had been looking forward to.
It also reminded me of a previous experience with AA in an MD-83 years earlier. The seat configuration, normally ( 2-aile-3) on all MD-83's, was (3-aile-3.) Ridiculous!
When I returned stateside with IBERIA on an older A340 yesterday, there was substantialy more room & I was indeed releived.
Six-abreast seating on an MD-83? I can't imagine it.
Dan Rich 1
Interesting... I've flown a lot of miles on AA MD80s but never seen one with anything other than 2/3 seating.

I was shocked however to fly from LAX to NRT this past weekend in a 777 that had 3/4/3 seating in Econom, only 5 lavs, and no way other than the rear galley to cross from one side of the aircraft to the other. You literally have to turn sideways to get down the aisles and it is nearly impossible for the FAs to get the beverage cart down the aisle without hitting people. At one point there were over a dozen people waiting in the aisle to get to either of the two lavs on the AB side of the plane.
We took a BA 787 from SJC to LHR. It was a hellish ride. I think the only ones who would call that sled a Dreamliner would be the airline bean counters. The lavatories were ridiculously small, and the seats wouldn't do as patio furniture. Our connection was a 767. Nicer layout. But then they charged 2.30 Euros for a cup of water. It's Lufthansa for me from now on.
I got a good look at what Americans complain about. I had to fly from Oklahoma to the Yukon on various Boeing 737s. While on the U.S. carriers, there was little service and my knees were jammed into the seat in front of me. On the little Canadian carriers I had plenty of legroom and service I'd seen only in first class on the American ones. The question becomes do the customers serve the airline, or do the airlines serve the customers?
If they give more legroom, but up the price, people will still be mad.
Exactly. Everyone will complain about airlines no matter what. Regardless of what most passengers say - such as "I'd pay more for a meal" or "I'd pay 10 bucks more for an open seat next to me" - when presented with the options at booking, almost all go with the lowest fare, as long as the schedule works.... Regardless of carrier, service, on-time ratings, etc. The exceptions are biz travelers with unrestricted travel plans and, of course, Elite FF members. As another article I read recently said, passengers are getting exactly what they asked for, based on spending habits.
indy2001 4
Typical of the media when they try to write about aviation. Most of them don't know the first thing about it and are too lazy to do proper research. Boeing gives a top-end estimate for the number of passengers in their sales pitch, but only very-low-cost airlines like Spirit and Allegiant will come close to it. Each airline designs the seating configuration(s) for the aircraft in its fleet.
While there's validity in the "you pay your cheap fare and take your chances" argument, the real problem is that there's no REAL competition in the airline industry in the US. The numerous consolidations in the past 10 year have made sure of that. This is why the railroads got out of the passenger business and opted for freight. While the airlines would love to treat us like cargo, cargo can't talk back and we can (and should).
This is such a cynical opinion piece. It fails to recognize that the new plane can allow airlines to fly lower volumes routes without going broke. Anything that will allow me to avoid the congestion at LAX has my support.
>> Absurdly Driven looks at the world of business with a skeptical eye and a firmly rooted tongue in cheek.

What did you expect?
If you look at the site from which the post is taken, you will see that there is a cynical, or at least jaundiced, thread through most of them.
linbb -6
Oh just some Airbus people ragging on Boeing again still pissed because Boeing out sold them at the airshow this year.
must work for Boeing !
honza nl 2
not 'sold' but converted Max 8/9's to 10's. But if you prefer a smaller diameter 737 1955's designed hull in favour of the wider more roomy A320 1980's designed hull, please do so.
Manufacturers of any product are trying to please customers. The customers of passenger aircraft are the airlines. What is Boeing supposed to do, tell an airline 'No, you can't buy an aircraft with a pitch below XX inches'?

Stupid article.
n9341c 1
"These seats are designed to make efficient use of the space available and feel more spacious, so a 30-inch pitch will feel more like today's 31 inches."

I'm so TOTALLY sold! To go from a 30 inch squeeze to making me feel like the amazing comfort of 31 inches? WOW! Who was the airline genius that came up with that? You MUST promote that obviously Harvard MBA to a VP spot immediately!
I agree with both of you. :(
FlyYX 1
This business model didn't work out that well either.

On the plus side the company I work for now maybe taking over the old Midwest hangers that I worked at.
FlyYX 1
People always look for the cheapest airline tickets and don't realize that the reason why they are so cheap is because lack of service. Legacy Airlines try to cut costs to try to get closer to ultra low cost Airlines. By putting more seats on aircraft cutting different services and using third party companies. Example is United in Denver the cargo and ramp services like baggage handling are all third-party companies. Anyone remember ValuJet the company that did there services at that station was a third party company.

[This poster has been suspended.]

Making it more miserable for normal-sized people to ride comfortably for longer periods of time.
I am beginning to think we need a customer bill of rights. I don't like more pointless government regulations, but I am starting to think that airlines can't be relied on to maintain any kind of standards. They will keep compressing coach seats until passengers start suffocating, and then they will blame the passengers for buying tickets.
Wingrat 1
How appealing. Less space. No room to sit with a little comfort. With profits from every little thing airlines must think that there isn't competition. Sometimes the train is just as quick.Even driving oneself can be quicker and a lot more comfortable than a cramped airline seat. I just don't fit in the usual size seat(am tall). So flying isn't comfortable at all.Well first class and most of business class to$$$$$ staying local is an option. What a dilemma. It would be refreshing is some airline manufacturer designed standards so passengers could actually be comfortable,and enjoy a flight.
The airlines may be guilty of many things, but making "absurd profits" is definitely not one of them. Historically, most airlines barely break even and many operate at losses for years in a row. Does the author not recall that nearly every major airline has gone bankrupt during the last two decades??
Hey brain fart author it's the airline that specifies the layout of their aircraft. All new aircraft are more efficient, powerful and more available passenger space. I flew cattle class in an A380 once and still have sore knees.
jeff slack -2
How is a 737 more uncomfortable than an a320 or 321?
Both single aisles and stuffed to the roof with seats and doing intercontinental service and now some doing service from Logan to Shannon.

The A320 series has a wider cabin. 7 inches more does at least give 18 inch wide seats, more in line with today's passenger size than the 17 inch seats of the 737s.


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