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(Video) F-35 Aerial Refueling Photo Flight. Stunning Close-Up Views...

Marines stationed aboard Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort observed a KC-130 aerial refueling of a F-35B Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter, March 19, 2015. Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort is the center of excellence for F-35B training for Marine Corps Installations East. ( さらに...

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fdohmann 2
We love our Marines here in Beaufort and accept the Sound Of Freedom! Here is some footage from the Base
Yep, there is a little shaking, but I'm not bothered by it. Imagine you're up there, by the open ramp of the C-10, looking out into the air watching the F-35s. It's cold, really noisy, and the wind is rushing in making it hard to keep your balance or to hold anything completely still. The noise in the video adds to the realism of 'being there'. If I were trying to shoot the video, I imagine I'd have trouble keeping the camera still as well. I've never been fortunate enough to see an aerial refueling but have been fortunate to be with the Golden Knights for one of their demos. Noisy, freezing, just like the video. My fingers were so cold I thought I'd have permanent arthritis, and I loved the ride.

I like the bobbing and weaving the pilot of the F-35 does with his aircraft. It adds to the video and makes it kind of fun to watch. Excellent video.
It's not a C-10 (or a KC-10). It's only been 44 years since I rode in one but that sure looks like a C-130. Ya might have had be believing it was a C-17 if the picture was a little more blurred but I'm sticking with C-130. Final Answer.
ADXbear 1
cool Vid.. now if the guy could get a drink to stop those shakes.... :)


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