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New Website Look for FlightAware on 10th Anniversary

The team at FlightAware is proud to announce the release of a new site design, with the following features: We have improved and streamlined site search. We’ve replaced the three orange search boxes on the left (Private flight tracker, Airline flight tracker, and Airport tracker/info) with a single search box at the top of the page. You can now search for airports, airlines, flight numbers, and private aircraft in this single box. As you type, suggestions will appear. You can select your desired… ( さらに...

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From the looks of the new design, I'm guessing that nobody at Flightaware has trouble seeing certain shades of blue. Incidentally, orange letters on the current shade of blue background play havoc on those who are near-sighted or presbyopic.
Black on Blue is also bad.
Red on black is also bad. To wit, the dashboard on a lot of new cars.
Daniel, if now you also fixed the outside links so they open on a separate browser tab instead of leading us away from F/A.
Could you provide some examples of pages/links where we're doing this?
Hey Mark, how bout linking your time stamp in the upper right corner to a GMT source and provide GMT to us old luddites who have to occasionally check our Breitling or Rolex HaHaHa (Seiko/Timex)watches. They are easier to set at the computer desk than while bouncing around at 430 and looking at an FMS.
From the main sqwaks page, there are 2 hyperlinks at the botom of each story description, One link brings us to this section where we can read the entire description and make comments, the other leads to the original story, but on the same browser tab, leaving F/A behind.
On first glance I am not thrilled with this but maybe I will get used to it. I liked having the separate sections - it made it easier to get where I wanted to go, especially the left side bar.

Sometimes I wonder if companies change things up just to change things, not for any useful purpose other than the site designers needs something to do.
Gene Nowak 11
My only concern is format. For us older folks with cataracts your color contrasts on the new website leave a lot to be desired. Deep red against navy is difficult plus some of the lettering needs to be enlarged or made bolder.
That makes two of us. Presbyopia can kiss my near-sighted tuccus ;-)
I totally agree......the orange against the blue is very difficult to see and I don't even have cataracts. Heaven help those that are colour blind ;) Other than that I like it!
Thanks for the feedback. Can I ask if you are on Windows or on a Mac? They render fonts differently, and that is possibly contributing to readability issues.
James - Here is a couple of references for you regarding use of colors in websites, especially for senior citizens. (See page 6) and
I'm in windows using both IE8 and Firefox as browsers. Not much difference between the two although IE8 may be a little clearer. However, the contrast between colors still leaves a lot to be desired.
A middle gray or a light blue would be more readable, and classier as well.
Windows IE7........I can see everything as clear as a bell except the orange on blue. Unless I put the screen on full brightness.....then I can see it....but then I also feel like I am re-watching the sun again during the lunar eclipse we had this morning ;)
Firefox 36.0.1 Win Vista, and Win 8.1, default browser on Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Same geriatric issues.
Bolding text of the tabs might be a quick temporary fix.
CAB825 5
Have to say this does not look like step forward. The new colours look like a flash back to an old yahoo website. Please go back to the clean white page look you had earlier.
Fonts all around are much to thin to easily read. Need to be bolder.
What happened to the opening screen national map that could be enlarged to full screen? I used that a lot to gen an overview of local or national conditions. Can the small map in the right be enlarged in the same way?
That map is on and is still there.
You guys ever hear the old saying, "if it aint broke don't fix it"?
saso792 4
I see the comment section is only meant for people that like the change since some are going through and giving thumbs down to the ones that don't like it. Maybe the thumbs downs are from the designers looking out for their wallet. Still don't like it. Now someone can come along and say, "If you don't like it, don't use it and don't come back."
Voting has always been subjective. Seems the comments are equally divided among Pos, neg or mixed, and neutral. The most downvoted comment is a spammer. I think the designers are in-house and aren't paid by the vote. From what I have seen with the developers responses in the rollout for piaware, they tend to be very responsive to suggestions & constructive criticism.
maybe it was before my time on here but what is this piaware you keep talking about?
PiAware is a way you can build and run your own ADS-B ground station, and receive real-time data directly from airplanes on your computer. It feeds data to FlightAware to make our flight tracking more complete.
I appreciate it but Joel gave me details yesterday by Email. Tks
bcola 6
I love the new design.
comment from an artist (i hope this thread hasn't closed): orange and blue are complementary colours, so they look really nice together in nature and paintings but bounce off each other when put close together in graphics. just saying :-)
Same colors as the Union 76 logo with blue on orange as opposed to FA's orange on blue. Font weight of the orange is a bit of a challenge for some (myself included). Perhaps bolding or white border for texts would help. 8-}
This actually looks like a website from this decade! :) Great job guys!
I notice that the user id's are layered/overlapping
Can you give an example of where you are seeing this behavior?
Looks good, and some new features it would appear... Great Job Flight Aware and happy 10th anniversary.
Happy Anniversary Flightaware !! Love the pictures.Keep up the great work.
Nice anniversary present. It's different from what I seen for the last 4 years. Like Preacher1, I'm not in favor of change for change sake alone. It does look good, and we'll get used to it. I like that chat appears in the heading or tracking, commercial, about, and contact tabs- much easier to get to. Doesn't show or ADS-B, photos, squawks, discussions. Those are more focused than general population usage and can understand management decision to opt out of them there. Adding them to those tabs would only increase chat traffic and reduce the signal-to-noise level. (I have used it from discussions to alert FA staff of spammers in discussions)

After watching FA staff responsiveness during the intro and rollout of flightfeeder and piaware which (was excellent BTW), it's nice to see how well the new look pop up so well.

Congrats and happy anniversary from another 'old luddite'
The squawk title font on the home page looks weird. The bottom of lower case letter O fades away on my computer. Otherwise, I really like the new design!
Thanks for the feedback, this should be fixed late tomorrow afternoon.
j b 3
Morning! Change is good. Keeps the fuel flowing and gear working. Good for the organic computer too. I like the update.
congratulations!!!! great new site!!!!
Daniel, you might have given a heads up, (maybe you did) to the old luddites in the crowd who relish change like a visit with the AME. O.K. I'll get used to it, so do I have to like it? LOL
I got to agree with Monte. I hate change. I'll be just like him; I'll get used to it but I don't have to like it. About the time I get used to this, you'll change it again. You young folks seem to think that everything has got to be fixed when it don't need it. Concentrate on some of the changes requested by viewers instead of something nobody wants.
The first sign of getting old is when you find yourself on your front lawn yelling at teenagers.
kids threw a snowball at my car and I got out and yelled, and then I suddenly realized I HAVE BECOME THE OLD MAN. Circle of Life.
My interactions with the 'itis' family convinced me I'd arrived 8-)
10-4, those interactions can give you better information than the weather person.
Don't call the cops , until it's time for your nap :)
Sometimes, change is for better, you'll get use to the new site and maybe you will like it. Now, you are setting your mind telling it you dosn't like it, but first, give it a try!
Plain and simple, I DON'T lIKE CHANGE. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. I went from a 707 to a 757; there was a lot that needed improvement and that was beautiful. This remains to be seen. I thnk the programmers time would have been a lot better spent on some of the viewer posts and suggestions rather than something not really needed, and with all the changes on the site, they still didn't put in a sarcasm or LOL font.
I agree! I like the old one better. Not much NEEDED change occurred in the photo section. It's like putting new raping on the same problem.
dee9bee 2
Sometimes, spellcheck is not your friend! I'll probably like the new format once I get used to it. I'm probably not as old as preacher1 but I'm getting there. :-)
saso792 3
I don't like it. With the boxes on the left, I was able to just plug in a new flight number for the same airline and get it right now. Now I have to start all over. I hate it when companies have web designers that have to change a web page just to justify their wages.
You can enter a flight number (DAL1188, or "Delta 1188") into the search box in the header, and then press enter or click "Track."

If you prefer the old search boxes, they are available from the dropdown to the left of the box.
Agree saso792. Much easier just to plugin the flight number or airport using the old format.
The workaround on that is to go up into your URL and change the number at the end of the flight. For example Delta Flight 1188 would be If you are looking for Delta flight 960, just go to the URL line and change the "1188" at the end of the string to "960".
That's about how it is these days though. Sometimes change is good with an inferior product but as you say, these folks just have to tinker with things to justify their existence. We will have to deal with it and probably about the time we get used to it, they will find another occasion to change it again. The could have simply looked thru discussion to find some things that people actually wanted and didn't, as to my knowledge, none of those things were incorporated in this change. Oh well, this part is free.
Doesn't it seem all webdesigns are coping each other?
Seems that way many times... Just like people with Iphones... Everyone (almost) has to have the latest and greatest
mikeap -3
Well said. This is a bunch of uncreative web-designing losers at work, who pushed FlightAware management to follow the web 2.0 trends of apple, google, facebook, and other incestuous tech-companies who all design the same and then say they are "innovative". The number 1 thing I would use about this website was the tracking options on the left side. Sure, you have a trendy "omni-bar" at the top. News flash, you aren't google, don't pretend you are. Good luck recouping the costs of the web redesign, and gaining back users. BTW, anyone know any other good flight tracking websites?? Oh wait, looks like I just found one.
Note also that if you prefer the old search functionality, it is still available via the dropdown to the left of the search bar.
Where is the search bar you are talking about?
In the center of the blue header is a box with the text "Airline flight, aircraft tail #, airport, or city" with a "Track" button to its left. You can type callsigns, tail numbers, airport codes, airport names, etc. into that box, and click "Track."

You're not the only one who has missed it - we're working on making it more noticeable.
I have that tracking bar with TRACK to the right. You said there was a dropdown off that tracking bar that gives you the old box. Not on my page
The dropdown is to the left. By default, "All" is selected, but you can also select "Route," "Airline flight," "Private flight (tail #)," or "Airport." Selecting one of these options will allow you to mimic the functionality of the searches that were formerly on the left side of the screen.
saso792 1
There is a lot of room on the page to put it back on the left side, especially if the advertisement on the right side of the screen was smaller, moved to the bottom or gone.
I'm sorry to hear you're frustrated. Do you have examples of searches that you can't perform in the current configuration that you could under the old?
TEN YEARS??!!! Wow. Congratulations on staying the course when in this technical world, sites have a tendency to be there one moment and gone the next. I had gotten so used to seeing you show up in my e-mail list that I lost track of how long you have been providing me with great info. Keep up the good work.
n9341c 2
This is better? Seriously this. OK?
Flightaware, one change you could have make was improve the accuracy of aircraft types. Still there are alot of gaps in the photo section to be fixed!
Ten years of excellence, and from the great new look of your site, it seems that there's more to come. Congratulations to the FlightAware team! You're flying high.
looks like some kid got a hold of it!!!!!!!!!!!
DAL498 2
Hate the new design. Why fix something that's not broke?
I can't get the "New Look" to work with Firefox (latest version = 36.0.4). Some of the buttons including Login are dead. The field for entering a flight# or tail# in the banner at the top of the page is completely missing. When I select a flight the track graphic doesn't display.
Nice. I can no edit or delet posts!
That is the way it is here... Be sure before you post.. LOL, I have made accidental posts as well.
preacher1 -1
You can or can't? I don't know if you are saying NOW or NOT.
FYI I just received the third copy of your newsletter this morning, never seen that before. Am an old fellow, always resistant to change, initially had some problems navigating around but am sure it will be better over time, better contrast on the home page might help though
Apologies for the newsletter duplicates. There was a problem unrelated to the site redesign that caused this.
Flightaware is definitely one of my favorite websites. I have no constructive feedback at the moment. I'll test drive and come back to the comment section. I did notice that I didn't receive the weekly newsletter email yesterday (3/20). I was wondering if the launch of the new website had anything to do with that.
Regardless of whether you like it or not, it has been out here for 3-4 days now, and there are some current comments from this morning, as well as I had notifications this morning and yesterday from some posts a week back. To me, that says something about FA readers.
Although I had commented on it several times, several times also, like this morning, I have received and alert Email notification and thee was no change, no new comment on here. Glitch??????? 102 comments plus this one at present time
Unless I am worse off than I thought, there is not a new comment other than this on on this page and it just alerted me.
The reason is that it was a spammer... I reported them earlier (think there were 2 of them). FA must have already deleted the messages...
BaronG58 1
That's strange Preach. I have never had that happen. Does it just occur on this squawk or others also?
Others as well, just every now and then; no real rhyme or reason although now that I think about it, it may have to do with that SPAM reporting thing. It may generate something when it actually takes something off. I'll just have to keep an eye on it, but it has happened enough that FA probably needs to take a look at it.
I saw that too. I also caught a couple with spam messages. Perhaps it was triggered by the spammer, but their 'contribution' was purged before you checked the squawk. Just a theory.
Chris B 1
Can you guys figure out a way to avoid all the duplicate squwrks on the forum? Take today's Lufthansa crash as an example. I looked for other reports of this event. They didn't show up until after I posted.
Must be alot of extra work in your cockpit to keep under control.

[This comment was deleted.]

the best, I like
Wow! Looks really good, and I cannot wait to actually figure out how I will make it work for me. Cheers from here...
BaronG58 1
Like It !!
I like it....good job and happy anniversary FlightAware!
Nick M 1
Big downgrade unfortunately. On mobile clicking from email is not mobile friendly and worse not touch screen friendly with menus that click on contract rather than just drop down. Colours clash. Font sizes often challenging such as reply links under a post. Now requires a wide screen to get to menu features. With so many different devices and screens this is poorly thought out. You should have used a designer to design this and a responsive capable developer. Blue on blue and dark orange on blue and layers misaligning. Do I care about the time on your server. Some of these problems may have existed before but if you want to revisit the site design then better put done thought in and possibly get early feedback. Great site for content as always just not thought out on this step.
Hi Nick, which mobile device are you using?
Nick M 1
Hi James. Samsung S4 chrome browser. I'm aware this is an evolutionary step and glad to see work to address some of the concerns mentioned across the posts perhaps a phased roll out would make future roll outs a bit smoother and easier to transition. all the best :)
Well, at least a little notice. Seems to me this thing came out no notice a day or 2 ahead of time.
Nick M 1
Sorry for the few typos on my post! Just to add also that I'm getting a lot of server errors feels like session problems.
First couple times I used it I wasn't too happy with it but after a while I've really enjoy using the new WEB site. It works great with my Android phone. It's a very well thought out change. Way to goes FlightAware. What is next for us? Can't wait to see what you do.
Yazoo 1
The colors compliment, but I agree it can be hard to read. What used to be available on the home page is now buried 2-3 pages back. For example, to check the traffic at your favorite airport. You used to be able to enter it on the left side. Enter and click. Now you have to mouse over "Live Flight Tracking", drop down to "Browse by airport", click, enter airport code, click on submit. From 2 steps to 5. Mot good.
To go to an airport, you can enter the airport code in the text box in the header, and then press "enter" or click "track."
So far it is not too bad once a person gets used to it. The only complaint I have so far is on the home page. The title of each squawk would be easier to focus on quickly if the font was bolder and darker in color. It takes longer to read and comprehend if you have to concentrate longer to read when the letters are so thin and light in color.
Chris B 0
Great work by the website flight crew!
Thanks for the improvements. They are an absolute joy.
Some changes in life are good and some are bad but I think you did an excellent job with the new release.
Love the new layout - much cleaner. Keep up the great work!
Looking good.
....Instead of the orange.
Do not like your "upgraded" site. Please revert back.
BaronG58 0
When I click on Discussions I get a SQL error. Anybody else get this? Anyone know how to solve this?
Thanks for reporting this. This was an unrelated problem that should be fixed now.
BaronG58 1
Still not working. This is error message. ERROR: Duplicate key value violates unique constraint"phpbb_user_pkey "DETAIL=KEY (user_id)=(1482470) Already exists
Thanks, we're looking into the issue further.
Hi BaronG58, we have identified the root cause of the issue that you were experiencing, and have applied a fix. Could you please give it another try?
BaronG58 1
BINGO!!! Thanks !!

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