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FAA report shows spike in drone-related air traffic incidents

There's a reason why unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) aren't permitted to fly beyond 400 feet and within a five-mile radius from airports: they could cause a disaster if they smash a plane's windshield or get sucked into its engine. ( さらに...

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unfortunately, there is always someone that just cannot resist and do the wrong thing. responsibility is not in their vocabulary, at the cost of someone else's demise or loss of life. needless to say, there are more to come who ignore their responsibility but are usually the first to scream about their "rights". while the drones render some pretty cool utility, the operators in some cases are ignorant, and i agree, not everyone should be punished for the few that have disregard for not only common sense, but also whatever laws will come out of this - hopefully not mass punishment
The agencies like ICAO and FAA should always be forward looking. With ability to foresee. The good or the bad or the ugly !
What may look like toy flying today is bound to become over time wide spread in concept and application. How did we conquer the sky ? Or the space ? What was the type and size of objects that we put in respective spaces at initial stages ? What was the density of flying vehicles in both types of spaces in the earlier stages of development ? Very primitive and low number. And now ? Fairly advanced and high density. And same will be true for drone flying.
Personally, I visualize drone flying as a complementary service to existing commercial flying, both cargo and passenger. Though, in the beginning drones may be limited to carry cargo. Whether it takes 5 years to reach this level or 20 can be matter of priority we humans attach to this area of engineering.

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Dear friend Esq , how many gunners and where all will you position such firemen ? Ever thought the epidemic of proliferation of drone applications ?
linbb 1
Firemen fight fires don't have guns.
Agreed. How about a firing squad ? Ever heard of them and their equipment ?
With lots of regard .
Peter, where is your .22 bullet going if you miss? Shooting at drones is not the answer. I believe most of the expensive ones indicated in the article have an 'autoland' feature if they lose their command link - jam the bandwidth to disrupt the signal and make them land. When on the ground, the authorities just need to wait for the person to show up to collect his or her 'toy' and make an arrest. Drones are only operating in a very narrow frequency range and a directional jammer, aimed at the drone, should be very effective.
I'd be more concerned about a wayward drone falling uncontrolled than a bullet.

I had a neighbor report finding a drone in their yard with some expensive looking camera equipment on board. They were wondering what to do with it. Most of the neighbor responses were along the lines of "finders keepers".
I like his idea, I'll just use a pellet gun and watch out for what is downrange best I can. Some of these drone pilots are actively pushing the limits, trying to be a-holes about all this. The younger generation has little respect for anything- and doesn't believe in consequences for their actions. I am appalled by the conversations on youtube with people flying above clouds and buzzing things - I live near Ohare and Ive seen drones flying very high, near traffic patterns for approach and departure corridors. These guys must be taking video of the planes - it's dangerous but they don't care one bit!! it is those guys who ruin it for everyone - but for some reason drones bring out the worst in more people than nearly any other flying object to date. If they keep it up they will need to register each and every drone with an N number
ADXbear 4
As a Pilot,, an aircraft dispatcher for an airline and a long standing member of the AMA flying RC aircraft for 30 years.. I can tell you we as a RC pilots under AMA guidelines and insurance should NOT be punished for the actions of someone that orders a $1500 DRONE TO FLYIN IN ILLEGAL AIRSPACE..

We are all trained and follow the AMA rules of flying with in sight of our aircraft and DO NOT condone or allow the used of remote drone operations.. We RESPECT THE AIRSPACE WE HAVE BEEN ASSIGNED..

As to this article, I doubt any drone flown by amateurs is up at an altitude of 2400 feet!..
but if some one is they should be arrested if they are stupid enough to risk anothers life by doing it..
The statistics indicate an increase in reported incidents. Does this reflect a true incident increase or more active reporting of an existing level of incidents?
And nowhere is there a video posted...


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