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As Other Paparazzi Chase Kardashians, These Guys Stalk Dreamliners

Bernie Leighton, a professional plane-spotter who specializes in aerial photography, talks about his pursuit of Etihad Airways' first Boeing Co. 787 Dreamliner. In four-and-a-half years of professional plane-spotting, Leighton has snapped more than 35,000 photos and garnered at least 7 million Internet views. ( さらに...

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Railroad buffs derisively call these types of people "foamers"; they figuratively "foam at the mouth" at certain locomotives.
Yeah, just a general rail buff is RAILFAN but FOAMER gets plumb paranoid looking for a particular piece of equipment. Saw one up at 0400 this past week to get a particular heritage unit passing thru LIT
Wait, you're making fun of train people, don't we foam at the mouth at aircraft? Just kidding. I've always had a fascination with aviation since I was a kid. While I was stationed at RAF Mildenhall there was a spot outside the perimeter we called "Spy Corner". There would be people their taking pictures, writing down tail numbers and who knows what else. I used why would I want to do this? I deal with aircraft ops all night. I'm still not a serious spotter but, I see the attraction.
Just off the wall, I had a boss that was just as fascinated by tractors like we are with aircraft.

To each his own. Foamer is actually the name given by professional railroaders to anyone watching trains. They don't get the facination. Heaven help any fellow employee express any interest in trains.
Not much different with aircrews. Cockpit is a cockpit. They could care less about what they are flying.


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