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New MH370 Timeline with Graphics

" satellite evidence shows ‘with a high degree of certainty’ that the one of the Jet’s communications devices – the Aircraft and Communications Addressing and Reporting System was disabled just before it had reached the east coast of Malaysia. Read more: ( More...

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PhotoFinish 8
Why do squawks of regular contributors to to originally sourced reporting get downvoted?

While at the same time a team of newly-created fake profiles keep pushing their spam to get people to check out their website that merely repeat/ plagiarize the originally down voted article in the soak messages to get people to click on their links.

These Roomee related profiles need to be completed removed from the site, as the tactics and behaviors they're employing are making this site less useful for getting the latest and best aviation info.
PhotoFinish 5
Parts of this article with newly reported info was copied into posts by Roomee-related profiles to push one or more links.

Yet Ekuzabeth's article was negative, with multiple downvotes and the spam that quoted the article had upvotes.

It's just disgusting what these people are doing.

Roomee links should be banned outright from FlightAware, as being the spam they are. Those profiles thar have been used to pist and promote Roomee links should be removed.
joel wiley 5
So, do you think someone(s) engaged in hijacking FlightAware's reputation to drive traffic to the Roomee website and ratcheting up their revenue on the resulting hits?
PhotoFinish 5
Yes, exactly!

They're a two bit operation that posts anything to drive traffic. Lots celebrity crap. But now that this missing plane is getting so much attention at the moment, they've adopted it as a topic du jour.

They are (or he is) degrading the experience of this forum to drive traffic to their site with tons of spam comments.

FlightAware is the #1 aviation website (global). In a week FA has become their top 5 referring site. This is understandable, given all those spam comments.

But it is clear that Roomee doesn't read those articles that he plagiarizes from other sites. Many of the spam comments with links to articles not only have lots of plagiarized content, but also the attention-grabbing headlines and spam comments typically: are sensationalized, have no bearing on reality and often are not related to the pages linked in the spam. The website's pages are long, with lots of content blantantly stolen from all over the web without attribution, jumping around with little sense or order, and self-contradictory.

It's all to get our eyeballs, and those of the people that come here for the latest info.

FA shouldn't refer one more eyeball to that site. With many new readers thus past week, their first impressions of FA have been influenced by the quality (or rather the lack of quality) in the frequent spam links to the website (#1 most links from FA this week have linked to Roomee). These were highly upvoted by a team of fake profiles, all likely controlled by Roomee himself. Some of us even contributed to the upvotes, since Roomee himself had already gotten them up to 4-5-6 upvotes with his team o fake profiles.

Some of the fake profiles have been suspended, but others remain, including all those spam links, linkin back to the Roomee website.

You summed it up exactly. I explained it.
Ric Wernicke 3
I did not care for the tone of the article leading the reader to make conclusions on the ability of the pilot because he has expressed political feelings.

The Daily Mail reports the pilot's home in Shah Alam is near the airport. Sorry, I drive that route often, it is 28 miles. Hardly near his home.

There is other nonsense in the article about attending a trial in Putra Jaya and the capabilities and abilities of Radar and VHF communications.
Thanks Ric.
joel wiley 1
A few more puzzle pieces,but are they from the same puzzle? Not too impressed with the 'Democracy is Dead' T-shirt after a google search on the election last May.
The news article timeline seems to link arrest of the opposition leader with the plane disappearance as if the second was a reaction to the first. Tabloid journalism at it's finest, and coincidence does not mean causality.

IMHO, the sequence of events argues against a spur-of-the-moment protest. You just don't do a hijack, getaway skirting radar sites, and find a landing spot in a snit.
PhotoFinish 2
Preacher zeroed in on pilot suicide early. There have been plenty of signs of either rogue pilot or kidnapper/terrorist control of the plane from the beginning.

I resist indicting with a claim of pilot suicide without corroboration. I don't want to torpedo a pilot's reputation, not even of his memory, on a hunch alone. I'd like to see a smoking gun --- some conclusive evidence left behind that helps piece together the conclusion.

A t-shirt won't do it for me. Nor a prison sentence on trumpeted-up charges against an opposition leader.

If anything, I see a bunch of incompetent gov't officials who tried to blame the plane initially. But when the evidence was overwhelming that it wasn't the plane, they looked elsewhere. It seems they may want to lay the whole mess at the feet of an experienced pilot, who just happens to be an opposition supporter. How convenient for them.

I would resist such an easy answer without evidence or substantial corroboration of some kind.
joel wiley 1
It would not surprise me to ultimately discover that there is some Malaysian government involvement in the planning and execution of this incident.
PhotoFinish 2
Anything is possible but that's too much of a conspiracy for my taste.

Someone has to choose to end their life and this of the other 238. That takes some real motivation.

Outside the fundamentalist extremist terrorist profile, the only real possibility for someone to motivated enough to go along with something like that, to me, is a threat on the lives of someone's entire family.

Possible. But I'm still trying to wrap my brain around pilot suicide. which is much more likely. Hope you're wrong.
David Dunn 3
Pilot suicide is not at all likely. Pilots that have done this in the past don't make elaborate maneuvers, they simply down the plane. Elaborate maneuvers such as this vastly increase the chance that something goes wrong - say you are overcome by a passenger or the crew - then go to prison instead of dying. You don't go through all these elaborate steps, then fly known waypoints that would take you to the Middle East, to only turn the plane around, head to the Indian Ocean, run out of fuel and die. It just doesn't make any sense. If he wanted to run out of fuel before dying for some reason, he could have taken an easier route over the Pacific to accomplish the same ends without having to fly back over Malaysian radar. Pilot suicide, knowing the facts, is just nonsensical. Which means that the southern corridor is nonsensical. This plane continued to fly in the direction it was heading when it disappeared - northwest, along known navigational waypoints that would take it to the Middle East.

The only objection to this theory is the idea that the plane would have to travel over many radar systems to get to its destination. But is this an objection at all? After all, it got across Malaysia, even overflying a major city at lower altitude, with no problem. The Indian Navy has admitted that their radar system is used on "an as-needed basis". If that is the case with those two countries, you can bet it's a snap to overfly Burma and Bangladesh, too. The simple fact is, that' the way the plane was heading, and we now know that getting through the radar systems of these countries is actually not as difficult as we might have imagined before. Whoever did this obviously knew how to do so, which spells state planning.
PhotoFinish 1
Makes sense.

But why?
David Dunn 1
No idea... and this is the million dollar (and very frightening) question. This was a pretty spectacular operation - one could safely infer the reason was also spectacular.
joel wiley 1
I don't necessarily include the top level of government (but not ruling it out either). It seems too well organized to be a single individual, which implies a conspiracy of some level of complexity.

I wonder where the pilot's family is now?
People have a right to their own opinion. The reason for posting a timeline was to put out the official verified information. The article refers to other speculation and perhaps that is what bothered some.
PhotoFinish 2
Don't take it personally. It's happening to most regular contributors EXCEPT for the spammers who are only linking to their own website(s) rather than original sourced articles by major journalist organizations.

Methinks they're using fake profiles to vote themselves up. I can't imagine that the regular readers would repeatedly vote up Roomee and push good people like you down.
I never take it personally, until someone cuts in to land ahead of me.
linbb -1
The best thing that could happen to all of this is quit posting about it until its found as everything up to now is just a lot of speculation about things that are so far fetched at this point none makes any sense other than they know nothing about what or where it is.


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