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Delta's First 717 Unveiled

Delta's first 717 (an ex-AirTran aircraft) has been sighted in a paint hangar in Delta colours. ( More...

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Am I way off or not? I believe the 717 is derived from the DC9. Nothing like the KC135.
I always found those old jobs to have nice quiet ride up front, especially the stretches.
Jeremy Kudlick 2
The "current" 717s are actually designated 717-200 by Boeing, and these are based upon the DC-9 and MD-80 class of aircraft.

Boeing's original model 717 became the C-135 and the derived KD-135, but never entered commercial use. Boeing's model 720 was at one time also known as the 717-020 despite 717 being used internally to designate the C-135.
Andy Tyler 2
The 717 was also known as the MD-95 (a Mcdonnell douglas design) which is basically the same design used for the MD80s/Dc9s?md90s until the merger with boeing.

of course when boeing finished the project, they did not retain any commonality features with the MD90/Md80/Dc9 which is pretty much why very few airlines use the plane, even though its very very very very fuel efficient.
PhotoFinish 1
But at base, aren't these just used aircraft from a discount airline, that are slightly newer versions of the MD-8/MD-9 family, that Delta and American have been discarding of late for newer aircraft (737, RJs), but with largely incompatible components.

They're orphans. Substantially changed from the family they are based on, but also no longer being made.

Guess that really drops the price per seat. Depending on how expensive fuel gets, it may or may not be worth flying the depreceated planes.
They came from Airtran !
Jim Anderson 1
Yes. That's a given in this. Comparisons were being made to the other MDs. Read the rest of the posts
Jim Anderson 2
367-80 -> 707/720/C-135/*C-135/C-137/E-3/(and the list goes on)
DC-9/MD-8*/MD-90 -> 717 (pretty much just the double-bubble fuselage and the T tail)
dbaker 3
Cool to see, although not too different from their >100 other DC9s and derivatives.
Peter Rabyk 3
I can't wait to fly on one with Delta. They will be my fourth airline to fly on a "new" 717. I've flown on them with TWA, Hawaiian, & Air Tran, so far. I've also flown all around the world on the original 717(aka, the KC-135).
Pileits 4
But WAY better engines and updated systems.
Delta = Oldest mainline fleet, and getting older.....and it shows! Gosh what a radio Jingle that would make.
Tom Bruce 3
I think American's 300+ MD80s are older... Delta is smart buying good used airplanes, owning them outright which means more profit and more stable job for employees
Jiri Sanda 1
No way - DELTA is 16.8 years average, AA only 14.7 - they have over 200 new NGs.

i.e. the plane is cheap - consumes a lot of gas + consumes a lot of labor + a lot of parts (which might be cheap - secondhand), it still might be a good business ??
Peter Rabyk 2
Obviously the KC-135 looks nothing like the 717-200/MD-95. But Boeings original designation for the majority of KC-135's was 717-148.
Jim Anderson 2
I would hope the 717 looks nothing like a KC-135 since the KC-135 was based on the 707....
(v)e Same 3
Beautiful planes. Now if they will just toss out those stupid NWA 319's and 320's.
As a pilot for NWA I flew the B727, the DC9, and the A320. The A320 had the best dispatch reliability at the time followed by the DC9. I remember when I transitioned from the 727 to the DC9, the two most noticeable changes were how much quieter the 9 cockpit was and how rarely the 9 broke. With the 727 I couldn't go more than 2 or 3 weeks without a mechanical delay. On the 9 two or three months would go by without one.
pjfalv 2
you know what I always say, if it aint Boeing, I ain't going!
Peter Rabyk 1
Air Tran was absorbed into Southwest. Just their 717's are going to Delta
sparkie624 1
Will see how it works out.
MimosaDrive 1
AirTran was not my favorite airline, but I always chose it over Delta - better service and better frequent flyer program. Sorry to see it being absorbed into Delta.
wolf sievers 1
not being absorbed!
Ishan Gajra 1
they actually share lots of commonality with the mad dogs, but they also have enhancements esp fuel efficiency, including improvements to the cockpit.
Delta just keeps getting older and older. I flew on a 757 to Vegas in July that had to be one of the oldest in its fleet. It still had ashtrays. Wow
sparkie624 1
Don't get caught using those Ash Trays... Buying the older planes is smart business. Just like a new car.. It depreciates just as soon as it leaves the show room floor.
John McDowell 1
American's MD-80s are ancient. I assume they are disposing of them. I saw a large number on the MD ramp at Long Beach during a 1986 visit.
Joe Darmogray 1
Have flown on Airtran 717s out of GRR many times. Nice smooth ride and quiet too. Just flew on a Delta MD-90 last week to MSP. Plane looked to be in good shape.
Mike Harbour 1
Some folks call the MD series "Mad Dogs"...I absolutely love that nickname and use it every chance I get! Too bad the 717 didn't have a cool moniker (that I know of, anyway), 'cause it's not a bad bird.
David Stark 1
They should paint them in Delta retro colors. It's just another fleet of Delta DC-9s.
KC135 is a fuel tanker version of the venerable Boeing 707. No where near the design of the Mc Donnell Douglas DC-9. Both of are very good trustworthy aircraft.
What are the people that are talking about KC135 smoking? Also it is nothing like a DC 9, The 717-200 has a all glass cockpit and the Rolls Royce engines are much more quite and burn less fuel.
Harrell54 1
It is Exactley like a DC9-30 except for the glass cockpit and RR Engines.


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