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Another MD-11 bites the dust

Tyre issue..very very very disappointing............... ( さらに...

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nice title. but they can just change the tire(s) cant they.
Michelin had decades to uprate the Concorde tyres..French compnay, French plane, French operator. Only after the big accident did they get off their butts.
As I said above:
Well, not in the story itself but several of the reader comments, including one pilot holding short that saw it, indicated it was a 3 full bounce landing and the collapse came on the 3rd bounce. Supposedly there was a check Captain flying, and that the opposite side had collapsed about 3 years back. I don't care how qualified you are and how good or bad the maintenance is, 3 full bounces can undo anything. I wasn't there but that's a bit much, whatever the reason.
Yeah that one was a Lufthansa and they walked away..another freighter. Say the the gross mass was what 350 tonnes. The landing gear is designed to take 1.5g and that would be around 600 MTW tonnes...but not three times. So much of this type the MD-11 is clouded by the certification shallowness by the FAA. I agree if this was the case. The MD-11 is a wonderful machine, in my view, if you know what you are doing. But yeah...exactly the same happened about three years ago..think it was in the Middle East..not sure. As you know W, I weigh 140kg and if my body was jolted up to 210kg three times I would break. Of course the G force could have been greater..just like bending a copper pipe until it snaps. A damn shame though..nice machine.
Same plane,different tail#, RIGHT SIDE, 3 years ago at Montivideo, according to reader comments on the story itself.
number changed from N701GC to N988AR in 2010.
I see...the report on this will be good to read. You must be able to read Portugese W.
Centurion Cargo is a privately owned company founded in 2001. Based at Miami International Airport it currently operates a storage and process facility of more than 150,000 sq.ft., and operates a fleet of ten MD-11F.


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