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United Airlines’ new CEO Kirby takes the reins, aiming to ‘get through hell as quickly as possible’

United Airlines’ incoming CEO Scott Kirby doesn’t mince words. “It’s far better to be too aggressive than not aggressive enough,” then-United’s president told a J.P. Morgan industry conference in early March, laying out a bleak picture of potentially sharp revenue declines, as the coronavirus was starting to disrupt everyday life in the U.S. ( さらに...

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mary susan watkins 2
josh earnest,former press secretary for president obama, is the new communications spokesperson for united airlines..he has been interviewd a few times since he took the pots recently,and has spoke with optimism about the company future,the flying public, and what is being done to protect customers from covid 19 and bring them back..we shall see..
mbrews 0
- Interesting point. didnt know about the new P.R. person. See my comment below about dense seat packing on brand new United 777-300. Delta has stated they will not book more than 60% of seats on any given flight. Delta has EARNED the respect of its customers, by how it treats then and seats them. The PR folks deep sixed this Chase B's post from Flightaware's squawk list quite rapidly, eh ? Dont expect much fanlove for the new Mr. Kirby ANYWHERE
D Kronrad 1
Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss. Somehow I don’t believe this is the person who will restore customer service and appreciation to UA. Signed, a former 1K flyer for over 10 years who has not stepped foot on one of your aircraft since Smisek.
mbrews 0
- Check the biography ( Wiki ) Bean counter, revenue optimizer. Never met a passenger he didn't want to squeeze their space AND their wallet. Last straw for me was the squeeze on a practically new 777-300 EWR-SFO, having 3-4-3 economy seating after transiting the labyrinth rat maze in business class. Evidently they decided on this ram and cram while retiring the 747's , previously used on trans-pacific


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