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Airline Stocks Are Soaring, But There’s Still a Long Way Back

Bloomberg's World Airlines Index climbed 15% in February. Gains are largely driven by low-cost carriers. Index is now 17% below its 2020 peak in January prior to the Covid-19 outbreak. Based on bookings, leisure travel seems likely to rebound in coming months. But some analysts remain bearish about any recovery, citing concerns about global vaccine take-up and slower return to normal demand for business travel and intercontinental flights. ( さらに...

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aurodoc 1
It is going to be years until the airlines get back to pre-pandemic capacity and don't expect much recovery this year at all. The way the vaccine is rolling out there will be very little international travel especially to Europe where the EU screwed up badly in ordering the vaccine and the bloated bureaucratic governments cant get their acts together to immunize their populations.
The stock trading doesn't represent the value of the company but the price a buyer is willing to pay to a seller of the stock. The company gets little from the valuation of the stock, just the individual investor who may or may not work or retire from the airline.


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