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‘Eject, Dude’: Pilot Error Blamed For U-2 Trainer Crash

A deadly Lockheed Martin TU-2S crash during a pilot evaluation flight last year has been blamed on pilot error. The accident investigation also highlights just how difficult it is to fly the Cold War-era aircraft, which is slated for retirement. ( さらに...

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Highflyer1950 1
So if the altitude loss in this aircraft could be substancial, why start the approach to stall series so low to min eject altitude to begin with? Most jet pilots I observe have very little understanding of rudder control at low speeds. Aerobatic pilots are the best at this so when airspeeds are less that 90 kts and you have an aircraft that is prone to insipient spin characteristics, why leave so little altitude to play with. It's too bad today that there isn't more stick & rudder taught?
joel wiley 1
Good question. Were there airspace restrictions discouraging higher altitudes? There are routes above the area. Is this the typical profile for a pilot's first acceptance flight?
linbb -3
Oh good now we not only have a new blog but also with a stupid name. And the name says it all as its good for internet trolls.
John Cotton 5
Did you read the article? If so, you'll understand the title.
joel wiley 1
Please read P 18 of the attached link. That is the exact phraseology reported of the Instructor.
On page 37 under Human Factors Analysis, the effect of using that phrase is discussed.


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