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Piper Saratoga suffers engine failure, 2 occupants survive

A Piper Saratoga with two occupants made an emergency landing in a field just West of 1-15 in Spanish Fork, Utah after suffering an engine failure. The failure occurred while the plane was entering the downwind for KSPK. The cause of the incident is not yet known. ( More...

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Emmett Grainer 7
Didn't Yeager say any landing you can walk away from is a good landing; but to be a great landing you have to be able to use the plane the next day?
George Wilhelmsen 5
When the engine quits, the airplane's sole purpose is to get me to the ground and not killed.

I can always find a new airplane.

I can't find a new body laying around to move into if I'm killed.

Priorities - they are important.
Mike Hindson-Evans 1
That was certainly the principle in the Royal Air Force.

Always preferred helicopters - you can always autorotate whilst picking where you want to make contact with the hard bit.
bentwing60 3
"you can always autorotate whilst picking where you want to make contact with the hard bit."

Not without a functional anti-torque, (tail rotor system), in many circumstances. The loss of the tail rotor run on recovery in training is hazardous and deletorious to the skids.

Kudos to the Saratoga driver!
Carson Losey 1
Bruh…if the engine on a helicopter quits you will frickin fall from the sky. You can get sufficient airflow on the wing to glide…no wings on a helicopter.
Dan Nelson 6
Any landing that you can walk away from.... fantastic job by the pilot in this emergency situation!
George Wilhelmsen 1
THE Dan Nelson of Ladd? 5881S?
21voyageur 2
Quiet reporting week?
carste10 2
"The cause is not yet known" and we'll likely never hear the rest...
George Wilhelmsen 3
Follow the NTSB report. You'll see the rest.
George Wilhelmsen 1
This is good news - The pilot remembered to FLY THE PLANE.

Much better than the recent Florida V35 crash or that of TNflygirl.

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bdarnell 10
Read the article. They went down in a field and skidded into the yard.
M.F. LaBoo 8
Clearly a reader not outstanding in his field.
Neil Ward 2
That remark is clearly out of left field !
DaveRK 1
It's so disappointing to see the lack of intelligence creeping into this website.
But I still enjoy downvoting :)


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