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Piper Lifts the Veil on the M700 Fury, Its Fastest Single Yet

Piper Aircraft has broken through two key markers with the M700 Fury—speed and price. The OEM’s latest turboprop contender breaks 300 knots, and clocks in at $4.1 million, it announced on Tuesday afternoon in a livestream event. The change instigating the new model number? The introduction of a 700 hp Pratt & Whitney PT6A-52 engine—replacing the flat-rated 600 hp PT6A-42A in the M600. Piper anticipates FAA type certification by the end of the first quarter of this year. ( More...

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Dan Nelson 8
A great step up for Piper, a great looking aircraft.
coinflyer 4
It occurred to me to buy a few shares. Then I discovered Piper is owned by the Sultan of Brunei. Rats! He beat me to it!
Larry Toler 2
Darn, those rich and powerful people have to ruin everything, lol.
Dave Mathes 4
....I read an article a couple of days ago that opened "you may not have heard the name PIPER",......whoa, what?...geriatrics aside, that is one beautiful AC...
Larry Toler 2
Wow, who did that article cater to?
Steve Cowell 2
Am I missing something? In the article it states (and I'm paraphrasing) the plane conforms to Basic Med because it's under 6000 lbs. It also states it's a fast 300kt plane. Isn't Basic Med limited to 6000lbs, 6 passengers and 250kts?
Peter Fuller 2
The airplane can be capable of more than 250kts indicated airspeed, but to fly it conforming to Basic Med you can’t exceed 250kts.
Bill Overdue 2
Flip a coin, Fury or TBM 960?
Bill Overdue 0
$4.1M? I don't know many politicians that can fly a plane!
sparkie624 5
Many of them are flying high without planes... I would not trust a Politician flying a plane anywhere.
Bill Overdue 2
Well, they are about the only ones that can fork out $4.1M in discretionary spending these days! But ya, most are out of their minds on the ground!
21voyageur 3
"on the ground? perhaps hidden up their ()*() ! haha
sparkie624 -4
I never liked the Piper Aircraft and there early Cherokee Version had Wings Issues... Folding in flight... Corrosion issues..

bartmiller 6
I had a chance to fly a PA26-161 (aka "Warrior") after maybe 30 years. Simple, honest plane with clean handling characteristics. For single engine, I have a preference for high wing planes, but the Piper was a totally reasonable plane and a good alternative to the C-172. The Dakota (PA28-236) is a good alternative to the C-182.

Also recently, flew a Super Cub. So much fun in basic basic plane. Give me 300' of turf and we're fine.

On a rainy day, I'll still take a high wing plane! But no complaints about Piper.
sweeper239 1
My first plane was a Piper Warrior. Loved that plane. Steam gauges a a pair of old bendix king nav/com. Got my private and instrument rating. Took me to my first Oshkosh. Lot of great memories in that plane. She is still flying today flight school in NJ


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