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Southwest Airlines, is that you? New look unveiled as in-flight enhancements roll out

Southwest Airlines’ airplane cabins are getting a glow-up, but not just for looks. Starting next year, new planes will feature several practical perks for passengers. “The design is based on extensive research covering customer and employee perceptions of color, comfort and their aspirations for the overall onboard experience,” Southwest said in a press release on Friday. The Texas-based airline partnered with design company Tangerine on the “refresh” for new aircraft deliveries starting next… ( More...

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sparkie624 1
Device holder is nice... Rest is pretty much useless!

Sam Negrete 4
Agree, I also like the power ports... Being tall, I would appreciate most a bit more leg room as an improvement.
every few years ,most airlines will do an "upgrade" of sorts to cabin interiors,with whatever the newest communications device or tv/comouter screen might be,as well as redoing color schemmes and uniforms..the seats shown in the article look a lot less padded and to me they look uncomfortable..but who knows until you actually sit in them for a few hours on a flight!the larger overhead bins are a definite "must" because of so much carry on luggage now..southwest has always prided itself on its bright orange and red and blueish color scheme in and on the aircraft,as well as employee uniforms and ticket counters..i wonder now if they will change their old "folksy" way of making announcements and treating passengers to go along with upgrades..they have changed from the "old days" with kelleher and his group,to compete with the "big boys" in the air...
sparkie624 1
I have worked on them for decades... They used to be Comfortable and fun to work on... They are not in my opinion any longer... Airlines have been come the modern day Time Capsule. I prefer the old days with the 727's, 737-200's... Overall built much better and like Timex (they can take a licken and keep on tickin' "
Cleffer 1
.....Something about polishing a turd.


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