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Disappearing Flight Attendants: A Mystery for Pakistan International Airlines

Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) has faced no shortage of struggles over the past decade. Currently, the carrier is in the process of potential privatization as a last-effort attempt to save it from collapse. However, an unusual series of issues have started affecting the airline more recently. This relates to the increasing number of PIA flight attendants reportedly "disappearing" in Toronto. ( More...

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Michael Dealey 8
For some reason, I was laughing all the way through this article. There's no mystery here. This is what you get with an open-border policy. Suck it up Canada and welcome to the club.
21voyageur 9
Large Pakistani diaspora in the Toronto area so my guess is that there is something well organized behind this.
That's a convenient and easy route to enter Canada illegally..
At least Canada TRIES to have a policy for illegal aliens.
Michael Dealey 8
We have a policy: Let them in, provide them with free everything.
Kick veterans out of their apartments, give the housing to illegals.
Kick kids out of schools, give the space to illegals.
Close down rec centers in minority neighborhoods, give them to illegals.
House illegals in airports under military guard.
Ask citizens to house them in their own homes.
Free housing.
Free phones.
Free food stamps.
Free healthcare.
Free education.
Free monthly income.

Explain to me what incentive these people have for becoming legal citizens when they already have it made.
Tim Dyck 6
That pretty much sums up Canada’s policy on illegals.
Bill Overdue 5
Canada and the US are changing the demographics of the country with in your face policies! Why? To stay in power of course. Votes! While illegals are beating the hell out of cops after spitting on them, New York is proposing printing credit cards to give the illegals! Yes, this is on top of what's given to them at the border! $200,000,000 EVERY year to house, feed, educate, cloth and medicate while they have zero intentions of ever seeing a Judge! The insanity of the Left, Democrats and Progressives must be stopped!
Make sence with all considered
Ron Slater 5
Maybe Spirit airlines is kidnapping them and making them fly for them. j/k
Tim Dyck 2
The headline sounds bad but the story says only 8 attendants didn’t show up for return flights. Maybe they are with family seeking asylum as the story implies but let’s not forget that Canada has become a hub for human trafficking and some may be victims of that.
Brian Chandler 3
Stop it. They're not human trafficking victims. They're just taking advantage of Trudeau's refusal to enforce immigration law.
Tim Dyck 2
I hope that is all but we have a huge problem with human trafficking and a lot of it is because of our open border and lax immigration laws.
Hopefully, they weren’t kidnapped, raped, murdered, and buried somewhere.
Brian Chandler 1
To deflect from their obvious cases of illegal immigration you made up a whole sob story for them. You’re delulu
Absolutely not, I was being “ironical”. Go Poilievre!
Victor Hugo 2
He should update his information : PIA resumed their flights to Milan, Manchester, Birmingham, Paris, London.
His English might not be at top level as is mine (speaking 5 languages it’s sometimes confusing !)but at least he masters two languages, not too bad compared to those single language criticizers.
Rich Jeswani 2
Canadian government is helping Khalistanis and now Pakistani muslims disappearing in Toronto may be joining some organization.
Rob Carlassara -9
21voyageur 8
Your ignorance and lack of context is quite impressive. Back to the basement with you.
RECOR10 -8
While no interest in a F for T....should someone put a bullet into his noggin'...well, it would be a plus for the Great White North. The country would certainly become a bit smarter.
Tim Dyck 4
No killing him would just make him a martyr and we would never hear the end of it. Vote him out next election.
Bill Overdue 1
Removing the woke blackface would be best for Canada, no doubt!
cheeseville 0
That went downhill fast!
Tim Dyck 1
The hill of politics is pretty steep these days and the brakes no longer work. It’s a sad state of affairs but no one is willing to meet at the middle so that’s what we have to live with.
TERRY Smith 0
Or he could be a local whose first language is French.
Greg S 4
I've seen a hundred of his comments, his first language is Stupid.
TERRY Smith 1
btweston or linbb?
TERRY Smith 1
This is a reply to btweston. For some reason it won't attach in the right place.
Greg S -2
The easiest solution is always money. Provide a hefty bonus for FAs on Toronto-bound flights that is paid upon their return.
Brian Chandler 2
LOL wut this wouldn't work. If you want to disappear in Toronto and be an illegal alien all this does is encourage their FA's to work the route 10-20x collect that hefty bonus, move the money to an international bank outside of Pakistan and then on the next run just flee, with all that extra spending cash.

Room temp IQ

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btweston 15
Guy who can’t type in English complaining about the foreigners.

This website is fantastic.
Jim Mitchell -1
great idea


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