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EasyJet Owners Forced This Little Airline To Change Its Name

Bonaire-based EZAir will change its name after being threatened with legal action from easyGroup, owners of easyJet. ( More...

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btweston 6
Remember when Mariah Carey sued Mary Carey.
Martin Allan 6
Just bullying. The two titles are very different & I suspect that EasyJet did not trademark any Similar sounding names using just initials.
I remember a similar bullying attempt when the huge Hilton Hotel group threatened a small but very well established old Hotel in a small old mining town called Blackball on South Island New Zealand. The appropriately named "Blackball Hilton" (because it was on Hilton Road, in Blackball) showed true Kiwi grit & humour, waved two fingers at The giant Hotel Group by suggesting they had a greater & better historically established claim to the name. Then just called themselves in a new advertising campaign as the better and longest lasting hotel but called themselves "(Formerly) the Blackball Hilton". With true olde world courtesy & tradition. They became pretty famous as a great Rideout & meet up venue for Motorcyclists & car drivers alike. I went for that reason whilst touring by motorbike & stayed there in both 2012 & 2013. I'd prefer the original Blackball Hotel anytime to any of the Hiltons I've ever been to!
Erik Bruner 10
I swear, some people (businesses) will find anything to complain about.
If your business is that fragile, get out!
jwmson 10
Totally stupid
Alan Macdonald 8
Maybe EasyJet should change their name as anything BUT. Easy Pain in the ass comes immediately to mind
John Lasher 7
Childish! Won’t fly with this mob of tossers.
Bandrunner 3
Ah, nothing like the stink of corporate bullying in the morning.
Maccy-Dees are good for that, too.
Asshats, the lot of them.
How does anyone start a small biz and compete with any behemoth?
Nurlan Tahirli 3 looks like nothing is easy in this life - because anything starting with "easy" or even sounding similar belongs to some, and we can't anything "easy". Oops, did I infringe their trademark by pronouncing this word? Possibly I did it before even thinking about it.
Mike Monk 3
I wasn't aware that Easyjet flew to the Caribbean.
Dare kola 1
Hw does it look like
coinflyer 1
Problem is, EasyJet was founded in 1995, whereas EZAir was only founded in 2000, so perhaps they ought to have thought better of using that name. Now, if they'd been first that'd be a horse of a different color. Still, the fact that it took EasyJet 23 years to press its trademark claim is very uncool, and the little guy would've had ample grounds to allege tacit acceptance and fair use, but I totally understand them preferring to spend their hard earned money on more important things than lawyers.


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