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Single component failure caused Washington seaplane crash that killed 10, NTSB says

U.S. investigators have confirmed that a mechanical issue caused the seaplane crash that killed 10 people off an island in Washington state last year ( More...

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coinflyer 2
Was it human error or a mechanical part failure? Story says "NTSB investigators examining the wreckage found that a component called an actuator .... had become disconnected." Did a mechanic not tighten and secure a nut properly, or leave out a locking pin, or did something break? This is not made explicit, and I can't help wondering if this failure might be related in some way to the recent spate of counterfeit aircraft hardware. Very concerning.

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djames225 10
Sometimes I wonder if you actually take the time and read the articles, or just like seeing yourself jot down mindless drivel.

Here let me light a path for you to follow: accident occurs Sept 2022 > NTSB starts investigation > NTSB takes its time to do proper investigation > NTSB wraps up investigation and issues report > Report date is OCT 05 2023!
btweston 12
Your complete lack of self-awareness is truly bewildering.
Torsten Hoff 15
The NTSB published the report yesterday. Of course the accident is old news, but the findings and the news report about it aren't.
Greg S 3
You definitely rode the short bus to school.


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