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Steelers' team plane forced to make emergency landing on way home from Las Vegas

The Delta Airlines charter from Las Vegas to Pittsburgh touched down at Kansas City International Airport at 3:57 a.m. CT. A person on the plane told Pittsburgh TV station WTAE an oil pressure light went off, prompting the plane to land. ( More...

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Silent Bob 10
At least they didn’t report the plane would have trouble maintaining altitude when it ran out of fuel…
Peter Fuller 16
Did this flight crew actually declare an emergency? The Aviation Herald report only says the crew “decided to divert”:

Perhaps “forced to make emergency landing” is but USAToday sensationalism?
It is news when a NFL team is on a plane that loses an engine. Avherald states they had to shut the right engine down and diverted to KC. Isn't that the rule for a twin - divert to nearest suitable airport in case of losing an engine? Do you really think they should fly an additional 1.5 hours on one engine when there are many suitable airports enroute? Somebody picked on USA Today to post this but the news was on everything - NFL team on a virtually new airliner that loses an engine is news.
James Simms 1
We’re not that far away from the Anniversaries of the Wichita State Shockers & Marshall Thundering Herd football teams crashes, plus the crash of LaMia Flight 2933 carrying the Chapecoense Brazilian Soccer team on 26 November 2016.
Tflys1 3
Click bait to sell copy. I didn't even see what kind of aircraft it was in their "News story".
C J 4
It's the USA Today, not aviation geeks daily. For 99% of people reading the story (casual readers and sports fans), the aircraft type is of zero importance. Stop finding dumb reasons to be mad.
"It's better to be on the ground and wish you were in the air, than to be in the air and wish you were on the ground."
-- A former transportation secretary

Rick D 6
This was a precautionary landing, not an emergency landing. But that wouldn't have garnered the headlines and attention of the media.
Did the oil pressure light go off? Or did it go on?
Charlie Roberts 10
Most media could not tell you the difference between a Cessna 150 and a 747.

Given the dark cockpit concept the "Oil Pressure" Light would have illuminated for a problem.
dee9bee 7
It would have come on. (low oil pressure) There is a short decision tree in the checklists for troubleshooting. You check other gauges for abnormal pressure, temp, etc. Chances are that they may have simply left the engine at idle power, as opposed to shutting it down.

@ Peter Fuller, As for the emergency declaration, an A339 on a four hour flight wouldn't be overweight and the engine probably was just run at idle power. Captain's call, I would say.
dee9bee - Correct, it's always the Captain's call. My thought process was that if I had to pull out the Emergency Procedures manual, emergency was declared.
Sean Awning 4
ATC can declare an emergency even if the flight crew don't call Pan-Pan. The ATC gets assistance with the extra workload and the flight gets priority. Flight crews seem reluctant to declare an emergency, maybe because they have the situation mostly under control, and forget the ATC's side of the equation.
sports teams and the leagues they are in ,pay shall we say."big bucks" for charters to whichever airline gives them the best deal ..that pays for flight attendants (required) as well as the cockpit crew..these crewmembers treat the "teams"responsibly and professionally,and of course if the cockpit crew felt the need to divert and land because of a mechanical issue,they was a delta aircraft and according to one news story,delta brought a new aircraft in to be used for the remainder of the trip..
Nick Lutwyche 3
Oil pressure warning lights do not "go off". They come "on" when oil pressures falls below a preset minimum.
Kevin Hunter 0
The author said the oil pressure light "went off", as in people in this forum "went off", or "lit up" about the terminology used - both can mean the same thing. Obviously the author meant it lit up.

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