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FAA Investigating Logan Airport Incident: United 737 Forced to Abandon Descent

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has launched an investigation following a tense incident at Boston’s Logan Airport, where a United Airlines pilot had to execute a mid-descent pull-up due to a 737-900 plane still occupying the runway. Authorities have labeled this maneuver as a “go-around.” This incident, which occurred on September 11 2023 at approximately 10:45 p.m., has raised concerns and shed light on the safety procedures in place to avoid runway accidents. ( More...

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Peter Fuller 9
So now we have a new technical term “mid-descent pull-up” to replace the long-used and quite adequate “go-around”??? Gotta love the news media, they’re so creative!
godutch 2
Actually it sounds suspiciously like government-speak. Remember IED and VBIED (Improvised Explosive Device and Vehicle Born Improvised Explosive Device? The media just repeats what their handlers tell them to say... Very few 'investigate' any more...
Rick D 3
I think every pilot has, at some point, been told to "pull up, go around". When it happened to me, it didn't make the local papers.
You have got to love the way that they had ("a temporary circling in the sky before landing"), it was only one circuit to realine to and land on the same runway! It is no big deal, these incidents happen
nearly every day somewhere in the world, pilots, are trained for this.
Peter Fuller the Term "go around" is the official terminology!
pilots are human beings depsite all of the new technology in are ATC personnel in the tower..people have become so dependent upon computers and technology,they overlook the importance of the human angle..they teach " stop,look and listen "at railroad crossings when you are learning to drive..i think the "look and listen" part are truly applicable at airports!

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Peter Fuller 6
Well the ATC moles must have had their eyes open, since it was ATC who instructed the United crew to go around.


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