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How Airlines are Responding to Morocco's 6.8-Magnitude Earthquake

On September 8, a 6.8-magnitude earthquake hit Morocco, killing over 1300 people. The quake struck the High Atlas Mountains, near the famous tourist destination city of Marrakesh. The damage to buildings and historical sites means that tourism will be unlikely to return to full force for the foreseeable future, leading to less flight demand. ( More...

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I was in Morocco 4 months ago. Checked in with our guide to see if he and family were OK. He said he is surprised at the world news saying so much destruction actually in Marrakesh. Most of damage was about 45 miles SW of Marrakesh. People in Marrakesh were frightened, and many stayed outside fearing another quake closer to the city. But much of the damage actually in Marrakesh, according to him, were walls that were already compromised or half fallen down. The medina and the city are open and thriving. Very much damage and death to small villages, especially as one gets closer to towards epicenter. One of the villages that we visited on our way to stay overnight in the Atlas Mountains is totally gone. He said so far none of his clients have cancelled plans. Just sharing
God protect us and all the best wishes to all
Dear people, all we can hold on to on our traumatised planet, is our love for its majesty and our love for eachother. Best wishes for us all xxx


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