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New Thai Airline Called "Really Cool Airlines" Plans to Offer Luxury Flights for Budget Airline Prices

Thailand will have a new airline join its ranks as soon as this December, and it might not be what you expect. Really Cool Airlines does indeed promise a really cool experience for passengers and is set to challenge establishment airlines on key long-haul routes. ( More...

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srobak 5
How many times has this tactic been tried and imploded over the last 20 or 30 years? You'd think they would learn.
Mark Segal 4
The devil is in the details, none of which are provided in the linked article, such as expected service levels, estimated range of ticket prices, terms and conditions attached to the fares, charges for "extras", ground-service arrangements and quality thereof, how well financed the airlines will be to protect passengers from cancellation due to bankruptcy, the experience levels of its pilots, the ages of the aircraft it will be flying, who will be doing their maintenance, and most important whether disputes between passengers and the company will be adjudicated, if it comes to that, in Thai courts under Thai law, or other arrangements - that is really important to know before you buy. OK perhaps premature to expect all these details here and now, but just a check list savvy travelers will go through before arranging to hop on board.
patrick baker 3
this premise has been floated many times before, failing in all attempts because of the seasonal nature of long haul flights, and lower load factors from that.
strickerje 3
"Lifestyle" brand seems to be the latest corporate buzzword. I have no idea what a "Lifestyle airline" is any more than a "Lifestyle hotel chain".

Still, I hope they can make it work. It's an interesting premise, anyway.
Susan Yeatts 2
This company shares office space with mine in Bangkok and they are “really cool” neighbors- they even sponsored the replacement of the community counter top ice maker.

Of course, spending days with them doesn’t make me an expert on their offerings but I think it’s “really cool”. The airline the CEO of Really Cool was previously with is still flying (Nok) though aside from finding their airplanes difficult to miss I don’t have a strong opinion. However, I bet we can look at the service model there (extra fees and the like) and get a rough idea what may be in store.

Bangkok to Australia (no city specifically mentioned) is supposed to be one of their first flights - or so I have heard. If they reposition the planes with the seasons for various destinations perhaps it will work. My knowledge comes more from local Thai news than anything being office neighbors with these guys has offered (I don’t have any useful inside info, sadly).

They’ve been in our building working on this for quite a long time- I hope they take off soon and have nothing but great success!
Jim Wheeler 1
We once had a great airline like that in America... Air Atlanta.
But like all great things, it didn't survive.
avionik99 0
More flights, more carbon pollution. I thought climate change was a real thing? Or is it only real when it's making someone money?
Stephen Gordon 0
It is a religion. Of course it is making someone money or the elites would not get involved. Is mankind really carrying that big of an impact on the earth? Those will disagree, yet as the axis changes so does everything.
C J -1
...what does climate change have to do with this/where was anyone talking about it? Stick to facebook for your annoying political posts, please. Thanks!
We know the guy, was CEO of NOK. Have to see before believing.
21voyageur -1
The math associated with this business model never works. Investors (have they no common sense) will get shafted. BTW, paywall advisory yet again.
srobak 2
NOT a paywall yet again - you simply need to turn off your adblock for aeroxplorer.


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