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SpaceX shows off shiny Falcon Heavy rocket ahead of April 18 launch

On Tuesday (April 11), SpaceX showcased its Falcon Heavy rocket ahead of its scheduled April 18 launch from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida's Space Coast. (We will carry coverage of the launch live here at, via SpaceX.) Images of the massive rocket shared by SpaceX on Twitter(opens in new tab) include a close-up of the 27 Merlin engines that will bring the booster into space, and a long shot of the trio of Falcon 9-derived cores near an open door. ( More...

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Mike Rakestraw 2
When I was 18 (1976) I on worked on the development of the solid fuel shuttle boosters, witnessed a test firing at Thiokol in Northern Utah, Incredible…
Now rockets that land themselves, it happened all the time in 1976, but it was in cartoons…
Adi Rabadi 0
Should have a government funded label on the side of the rocket
bartmiller 12
IMHO, that's not a bad thing. Space has enormous strategic and economic importance, and that will only increase as it becomes more accessible.

The USA is blessed with a decent national space program *and* innovative and competent commercial space companies. That can only benefit us going forward.

The companies, like SpaceX, have been quite cost-effective compared to government programs, so any money spent there is going to be an investment that pays off multiple ways.
Well said Bart Miller
Matt Lacey 2
They competed for contracts and won them. That's the simple fact. The government buys furniture. Are our furniture companies government funded too?
MountainRatMatt 1
Haha! Well played my friend. Maybe the BBC and NPR will donate to the cause as well.
Erik Wick 1
Please explain why?


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