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Bomb scare on plane after passengers hear beeping sound in cabin

A beeping credit-card scanner last night set off a bomb scare aboard an airliner preparing for takeoff at La Guardia Airport, authorities said. ( More...

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Drag0nflamez 0
Unless of course smoke seems to come from some guys underwear...
Jeff Grana 0
To be fair, the words "Bomb scare" sort of imply fearful EVERYONE. Who cares if it was the airline's mistake or a passenger's? The fact is, David Sims has it right--countdown clocks don't actually make noise in real life. This is the same kind of paranoia that makes people spend hours in an airport for no other reason than some lady's vibrator went off. If someone wanted to cause damage to an airplane, they would surely NOT make sure it advertised its presence beforehand.
indy2001 0
Fox viewers? On a LGA-BOS flight? Not likely, mate. It's strictly MSNBC for that bunch. And just because you may feel fearful, suspicious, and paranoid, please don't include the rest of us in your bunker. To be fair to the passengers, the story said it was a "bomb scare"; there's no mention of fearful passengers.

No, this was probably just another case of airline bumbling. The airline-owned credit card scanner beeped because nobody thought to check its batteries, and then the poorly-trained airline personnel didn't know what it was. And when the airline doesn't know what to do, they call the TSA.
Watch Dog 0
Well we know who around here swings off of FOX's slogan
Stacey Weaver 0
@Chris van den Kieboom, some people just can't help but fling their own biases around can they? What does this story have to do about Fox??? Further, how do you have any clue who it was that was frightened by the beeps? If you have support for your wild accusations then I suggest you include them when making obsurd statements like that. I won't hold my breath!!
Drag0nflamez 0
The terrorists have won. We are fearful, suspicious and probably the most paranoid people on earth.
Drag0nflamez 0
It's quite annoying to have those Fox News viewers get scared of any sound they hear...
Maverick2475 0
Dont forget the autopilot disengage switch as well.
n111ma 0
Caution is good.... Paranoia is bad. Pretty soon you'll hear about a pilot who freaked out when he heard the beeping after hitting the outer marker on an ILS!
Marty Martino 0
If we aren't the most fearful people on the face of the Earth, someone show me who is.
David Sims 0
Ok, seriously folks? Thanks to the MSM, people are so paranoid on aircraft that a beep starts a panic! Newsflash, most bombs don't beep, they go boom!


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