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American Airlines pilots subpoenaed by NTSB to give interviews in JFK near-miss

The NTSB said Friday they have issued subpoenas to force the pilots of an American Airlines jet to sit for recorded interviews about a close call on a runway at New York’s Kennedy Airport last month. “NTSB has determined that this investigation requires that the flight crew interviews be audio recorded and transcribed by a court reporter to ensure the highest degree of accuracy, completeness, and efficiency,” the agency said in a preliminary report. “As a result of the flight crew’s repeated… ( More...

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Chris B 25
I hate articles with paywall blocking links.Try this instead
Michael Streit 5
Thank you Chris.
Jeffrey Bue 3
Thank you sir. DM News has had a paywall for years so I knew that clicking the original link would be futile.
kman527 1
I just put in a junk email address and it allowed me to continue. No paywall...
Tim Eichman 1
FYK there's a handy Chrome Extension named "Admiral Sucks!" that takes care of it on most pages (though not the New York Times).
sharon bias 17
In this day and age, recorded interviews should be expected in all cases where public safety is in question. Police unions have accepted vest/dash cams as part of their members employment. Pilots should expect all actions to be monitored when they're on a plane, and their actions to be subject to review after an incident.
Rosomak 5
They already are. They’re called CVR, FDR, FOQA.

Every breath you take… I’ll be watching you
kman527 0
Pretty strange that the airlines cannot/refuse to capture more than 2 hours on a CVR. Why not capture everything for the entire flight. I hope they are not using audio tape.

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Alan Zelt 2
I am not a pilot but am also pleased that those in authority are held to standards, such as those also who's actions are also recorded. Six policemen were charged with murder because cameras captured their actions. Why should pilots be excluded from accountability?
Rosomak 2
False equivalency
Rick D 17
Glad to know that the union is more concerned about protecting it's members than the passengers they transport.
Ken Gowler 6
That is the job of the union. Other organizations have the job of protecting the public.
Paul Miller 8
Woooops, well the ATC Tower Tapes will give ALL interested parties the correct story, and I feel that the Pilot & First Officer both know just who's to blame in this situation? so why act like they are being picked upon by the NTSB.
mbrews 21
Well, keep in mind - a Delta flight rejected a takeoff at JFK to avoid a collision. The Delta returned to gate, it's flight was re-scheduled until next morning.

Yet the American Airlines flight (which encroached on an active runway) took off for Europe after a 30 minute wait.

Lo and behold - any pre-takeoff conversations in the AA cockpit voice recorder get overwritten, during the 6-hour flight to Europe. It's exactly such in-cockpit planning and discussions that NTSB needs to examine and publish lessons learned.
linbb 4
Well lets see, the tower only tells what goes out over the air not what is talked about in the cockpit thats the one which will tell things also.
Dr Stephen Vadas 2
And since there was another pilot in the jumpseat, I'll bet there was a lot of "distracting" talk going on.
ScottCurtis777 1
All true, but the cockpit conversations recorded by the CVR were lost (over written after 2 hrs) because the AA 777 was allowed to Take-Off. That never should have been allowed to happen. Besides the lost CVR, what was crew's state-of-mind after nearly being in a (most likely) fatal accident?
Not sure the NTSB testimony will be worth much as the crew had several hours on the way to London to coordinate their version of the event.
Philip Lanum 1
Near collision not "near-miss".

Why do journalists' hate the English Language?
Guilty as hell!😂
William Ableman 1
Their lack of cooperation suggest that they know they screwed up.
Rick Polley 1
People, please realize that it is not the union talking but their so called legal representative.
The one profession that does not care about people or feelings. They just put up road blocks to satisfy their obscene GREED.
golflaw 4
I’ve never represented any union or members. Just an attorney for 44 years. But, union hires legal counsel & can fire legal counsel if they don’t like their legal advice, like anyone else who hires an attorney. If the client wants to try and cut a deal, the lawyer will do that. If the client decides to “delay, delay, delay”, their lawyer will do that (or resign). I’m still trying to figure out why their strategy is delay, since NTSB is going to have evidence from multiple sources to justify charge of reckless operation
alan curtis 1
If I knew I'd likely lose my license, or face some other severe financial repercussions, I'd delay delay delay. They're probably still flying and still getting paid, since without any "finding" I wonder if the contract/union-rules even allow AA to bench those involved....
Brian Freeman 1
If police have to wear body cams, it's well past time to video record the cockpit. (Not to mention updating CVR/FDR technologies.)
Jeffrey Bue 0
Why am I not surprised the Union doesn't want to play ball?
Nooge 4
I see you are not in a union
Rick Polley 0
People, please realize that it is not the union talking but their so called legal representative.
The one profession that does not care about people or feelings. They just putt up road blocks to satisfy their obscene GREED.
Rosomak 0
If American Airlines participates in the FAA ASAP then the NTSB can go pound sand. This is exactly the kind of situation the ASAP was intended for. If the NTSB gets their way it completely invalidates the program.

If AA doesn’t participate in ASAP then the pilots are fair game.
Richard Lussier 5
I'm not sure the safe action program applies in this case. The issue was a violation of some controller's instruction, with the violation detected by the controller in real-time (with some automated systems), and corrected by the controller in real-time (telling Delta to stop their TO roll), not in the realm of voluntary reporting of an undetected incident. This seems to be in the NTSB's jurisdiction for investigation. Besides, the NTSB only provides recommendations. It has no legal authority to impose those recommendations. Their probable cause opinions are inadmissible in court or other legal proceedings under the Federal Aviation Act, which make reluctance to be recorded a bit puzzling, unless their employer uses the incident against them.


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