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Sunwing suspends operations out of Saskatoon, Regina until Feb. 3

Sunwing Airlines will cancel its operations from Saskatoon and Regina effective immediately, up to and including Feb. 3, 2023, “due to extenuating circumstances,” the company announced on Twitter. ( More...

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lfilipov747 3
Not a good idea when you have travellers in other countries waiting to go home to Regina and Saskatchewan and you leave them stranded. Heard the pax are working on a class action lawsuit.
The airline has been renamed to "SunWing and a Prayer"
ThePumpkin 2
SunWing is a joke. End of story
ken boatwright 1
Anybody that flies Sunwing deserves what they get. this is an airline that should not be in business period!!
Rick D 1
I didn't know that Saskatoon and Regina were winter-time holiday destinations.
Highflyer1950 5
I think the article stated “from” not “to”.
David Johnson 4
People who live in Saskatoon & Regina like to go FROM there to sunny holiday destinations. Eventually, although they may not want to, they have to go back TO there.
Tim Dyck 2
we travel south to Saskatoon for a short vacation every so often. It's all a matter of perspective.


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