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Passenger Jet Flies Over Launchpad Right as SpaceX Rocket Takes Off

Passengers on board a United Airlines commercial jet flying over Florida's Cape Canaveral were able to spot an amazingly rare sight in the distance: a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifting off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, far below. ( More...

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racinron 58
The jet was not over the launchpad, but well west of it. The launch would have been scrubbed if it was over it. Misleading headline.
C172Rpilot 35
Misleading, that's putting it mildly. more
AA61hvy 8
That's true for a lot of the articles posted on here, unfortunately. Click bait or self promotion....
Mark Kortum 5
Misleading is the rule for all journalism.
Perry Ramsey 3
Checking Flightaware, UAL 220 typically goes over DAB, TIX, MLB. The flight path is over the mainland, west of the Indian River.
Doug Parker 0
Do cc: the site's editor-in-chief, or click-bait'll never go away.
Bill Butler 5
Yes, I had an image in my head of the rocket passing between the wing and empennage! As for a trail of smoke and vapor....well....
Peter Fuller 4
Yes, and the inflight video in the squawked article could only have been taken from well west of the SpaceX launch site.
C172Rpilot 5
Misleading, that's putting I mildly. more
Michel B. 2
yeah, at least 10 miles west of the launch site
Michel B. 1
yeah, at least 15 miles west of the launch site
David Purtz 22
Too many folks writing headlines don't know the definitions of the words they are using. More appropriate would have been "west of" instead of "over".
Angelus 17
This is a load of rubbish! - The jet did not fly over the launchpad or anywhere near it! If it had done then there would have been a range violation, the launch would have been scrubbed and investigations by the FAA would have ensued!!

Get your facts straight before publishing false headlines!
Dale Ballok 2
Today they’ll publish anything to get peoples attention, and see their awful pop-up ads!
D Rotten 8
What a MISLEADING (aka A LIE) headline!! CORRECTION: Passenger Jet Flies NEAR Launchpad......
Michael Stansfield 18
This article is a glowing example of the "journalists" our education system has produced.
dnorthern 17
Journalism has been dead for 30+ years. Most ‘Reporters’ emulate writers for the NATIONAL ENQUIRER.
Dale Ballok 4
And that’s a fact! Surprising they can even spell!
victorbravo77 2
Unfortunately, too often, they can't.
Yehonatan Buckwald 1
Doug Parker 4
<Off topic thread warning>
IMHO, journalists are taught to write “dropped article headlines” and to engage others’ attention at all costs. In the general culture too, we’re not taught to look at ourselves to change how it is that we do those things we’re doing, nor how those things we're doing are contributing to doing more harm than good.

“1) Fact check, 2) zero click-bait 3) don't lie” could be their litmus test, but currently, it's not.
Adi Rabadi 1
They pay $20k per year
Rico van Dijk 5
This must be the pinnacle of poor journalism.
bentwing60 3
There is always a new day, like for this,
Gary Tobey 5
Great Video - Terrible and Misleading Headline
Bayouflier 3
Consider the source and the author. Nuff said.
Dale Ballok 1
Nice! Well stated!
John Taylor 3
I'm sure there was TFR for the launch so I highly doubt the pilots would have ventured too near. Unless they were incompetent in which case should not be flying. But as stated down in the comments below, they were no where near the launch. But, nonetheless, I'll bet it was still a spectacular view from that side of the plane.
Leander Williams 2
The first sentence of the article contradicted the author... "Passengers on board a United Airlines commercial jet flying over Florida's Cape Canaveral were able to spot an amazingly rare sight in the distance: a SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket lifting off from NASA's Kennedy Space Center, far below." Every other media report has some measure of clickbait.
angus perkins 2
He got there a little to soon. Would have loved to watch it climb a little more before it left the camera range. I was waiting for the captain to slow the plane down so we could watch longer ...LOL (Not really. Thats a joke)
Huck Finn 1
Or circle back
Dray Hines 2
Wasn't there a TFR for that area? Seems like it's fairly close to the launch area.
James Simms 1
Flew down to Puerto Rico for an Army conference two weeks after 9/11. I remember passing well w/in visual range of Cape Kennedy thinking ‘This is too damn close for a National Security Asset so soon after 9/11’.
David Isaacs 3
Juan Jimenez 2
Fake news. That was not a flight "over launchpad". Only a dumbass mainstream media "journalist" would write that.
ToddBaldwin3 2
I didn't realize the Falcon rocket towed the Dragon capsule.
pjshield 1
Oh yeah, tthey used a drawtite hitch from UHaul
Huck Finn 1
Slow news day alert!
Dale Ballok 1
All I can say is, “Hey Vic. Get a real job, and keep your trashy articles off this educated and informative site”!
Doug Fehmel 1
If I read the article correctly, the plane was flying from DC to the Cayman Islands. If the flight is west of the launch site, wouldn't the plane be flying north? Just wondering outloud.
Doug Fehmel 2
Sorry for the post. My mistake. Been awhile since I've been in an airplane. Planes do not fly backwards.
Larry Zimmerman 1
Good thing the tow rope didn't break!
SmittySmithsonite 1
Ahh, corporate media. We can always count on them for 100% accuracy in EVERYTHING. (SMH)
flyincj 1
We all clicked the link and subsequently got bombarded with ads. Mission accomplished by the journalist.
flyincj 1
We all clicked the link and subsequently got bombarded with ads. Mission accomplished by the “journalist” who found an interesting tweet involving something Musk.


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