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People who fly private jets don’t want to return to airlines. But it’s costing them a lot more than it used to

Many travelers say those are the reasons they ditched airlines for private jets during the past two years of the pandemic. But a new survey shows most of the newly converted aren’t ready to return to commercial aviation just yet. Some 94% of those new to the industry said they plan to continue flying privately in the future, according to a survey by the private aviation website Private Jet Card Comparisons. ( More...

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bentwing60 3
Do you honestly believe that with the proliferation of "fiat money" the .01% that have been its main beneficiary care. The Gwiz, Bombardier, Dassault order books are as stuffed as a smart fat autumn squirrels jowls! Just sayin', it's an all elite club and we ain't in it.
anyone who has the "perc" of being able to afford to fly on a private jet,probably doenst worry about the cost of fuel or other such..corporations provide the jets for the executives and some others for business ,and then there are the wealthy who own their own..! it would be relaxing just to go to a private airport and board a plane with no baggage nor security issues,nor hassles with tsa and long lines!


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