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Frontier flight to Tampa diverted when passenger found with box cutter

A Frontier Airlines flight from Cincinnati to Tampa on Friday night was rerouted to Atlanta after a passenger was found with a box cutter on the plane. The flight took off at 7:24 p.m., according to Frontier’s website. It was rerouted about 9:30 p.m., said Patricia Mancha, a Transportation Security Administration spokesperson. The FBI and the Atlanta Police Department detained the suspect, she said. Investigators found a second box cutter in the man’s carry-on bag, according to Mancha. The… ( More...

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godutch 4
Someone please reassure me that TSA ISN'T incompetent and operating with zero common sense. All that we have to go through at the security checkpoints, and they still suck at their jobs! (If you can)
Jim Myers 1
They regularly fail their own internal testing as well.
jbermo 1
Imagine being the poor TSA agent - Stuck in a low-paying job, with zero motivation, while searching through people's underwear hour after hour after hour. I would shoot myself!
avionik99 2
It is impossible to keep 100% of banned items from ever making it onto an aircraft. Unless you allow Zero carry on's and strip/cavity search everyone boarding. Is that what you want?
jbermo 1
So how did they find the contraband when in flight?
per news reports,the TSA people did screen the man and found the boxcutter,took out the blades and gave both the blades and the item back to him!i have been "double screened"and had even some small bottles of hand lotion taken away! go figure..yes,TSA employees can and do make mistakes,even with the x ray total body screen modules and other such they have available...
Robert OBrien 1
TSA failed
Ed Kostiuk 0
>>>>>>>>“TSA takes its role in transportation security very seriously,” Mancha said in a statement.<<<<<<

TSA spokesperson said: We take our job very seriously only after a potential weapon is discovered in flight.


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