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FAA says Lynx Aviation missed inspections

SEATTLE, Wash. (AP) — Lynx Aviation could be fined $350,000 for allegedly operating a Bombardier Dash 8-400 airplane without required inspections, the Federal Aviation Administration said Friday. The . . . ( More...

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blake1023 0
April 2010? Took a year for the Feds to hand down a fine, to an airline that doesnt have an operating certificate anymore. Think the Feds are short on cash!
preacher1 0
Blake: if you will notice over the last few months or so, ever since that incident with the controller asleep at Reagan, and past that, since there appropriation bill is pending before Congress, they have tried to become a lot more high profile, and appearing like they are doing something.Even allowing 5 weeks for for the inspector to discover the violation, that's still way too long. Investigate something and make a decision when it happens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jeff Grana 0
Not going to happen. It's a government agency, and it's extremely rare to see "government" and "efficient" in the same sentence together.

blake1023 0
Saving for their next party..... Maybe the supervisor that fell asleep at Reagan was there.


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