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Michael O'Leary: Airlines to raise fares next year, Ryanair to become largest airline in the world

DUBLIN, IRELAND — Ryanair Boss Michael O'Leary predicts airlines will raise fares next year to cover the rising cost of fuel, and people will fly less as a result of the rising cost of living and economic downturn. ( More...

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nemosteve1080i 5
I have never flown Ryanair, but I agree with its chairman. A rise in fares to cover labor and fuel are needed. Also, a fare increase should include an allowance for baggage and eliminate the cattle car emplaning and deplaning process as passengers attempt to find an overhead bin for their over stuffed "carry on" luggage. At deplaning, this would eliminate the blank stares on passengers who have forgotten where they stored their luggage or having to swim upstream to retrieve their luggage that was stored several rows behind their seat.
patrick baker 1
ryanair is an aviation experience meant to be endured . At every point of customer interaction, the company policy of customer non-service awaits to bite you or me. One does not fly ryanair for pleasure, for the inflight cusine, for the pleasant stewardesses, for the certainty of on-time take of and arrival, for the comfortable seats, for the convenience of secondary or worse airports purported to be near major european cities, or for any other of the little things that make a flight memorable.
Torsten Hoff 3
>> or for any other of the little things that make a flight memorable.

That's where you are wrong -- I'm pretty sure it will be a memorable experience. Maybe not one you *want* to remember, but you will remember it nevertheless.


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