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American Airlines Adding Service for Winter Ski Season

Dallas/Fort Worth-based American Airlines has recently announced a slew of changes affecting their service this winter ski season. American will be cutting several routes, and have announced two new routes of of different hubs. ( More...

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paul trubits 4
The correct headline should be modifying their service. If you add two routes, but cut four routes that is a reduction of two routes
DonDengler -2
Who cares?!
Greg77FA 2
They can't even meet current demand due to poor planning. So to think what they are doing now will help them in the winter season kind of a joke.
John Nichols 2
Tickets are too cheap...
Jeannette Bell 1
Maybe American should figure out how to accommodate the flights they already have scheduled & booked with crew! They cancel my flights all the time because the crew has timed out! Now they want to add more flights that they don't have crew to fly them? Makes no sense. Guess that's what happens to an airline that's been backed by the government, & bailed out every time they start to get in financial trouble.
Roger Curtiss 1
" the Austin-Vail route is one of the first from a legacy carrier that doesn't allow passengers to connect at a major hub airport to go to/from their ski vacations."

Allow passengers to connect at a major hub? Shouldn't that read 'force' passengers to connect at a major hub?
DonDengler 0
Scary. So bumpy going in there. I’ll drive , thanks.
avionik99 -6
Imagine that, stopping service at 4 major very high crime and taxed democrat state cities, and adding 2 republican state cities.
DonDengler 0
Why not stop service to high crime places ? Safer for the flight crews on layovers!!!!
Duane Mader -1
When you trash a city’s economy and make it unsafe to be there and then wonder why no one wants to come.
Even with the 💩 finder app I don’t care to go to SFO et al.
John Nichols 1
SFO... Where's that?
Duane Mader -2
That was a po op emoji.


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