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Even More MAX: Icelandair Signs For 4 More Boeing 737

Icelandair has signed a Letter of Intent for four more Boeing 737 MAX aircraft. Built in 2018, the ‘white tail’ aircraft are expected to be delivered to the airline in the fall of this year. When complete, this latest order will bring the total number of 737 MAX aircraft in Icelandair’s fleet to 18. The airline currently has eight 737 MAX 8 aircraft and four 737 MAX 9 aircraft in its fleet, with a further two 737 MAX-8s on order. The airline has not stated which variants are included in the… ( さらに...

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Michael Yentzer 1
Now that Boeing has the 737 Max autopilot controls fixed I believe this will become the dominate airline purchased over the next decade. The market is beginning to change and the Jumbo and Widebody airliners are in the waining years as most airlines move to the 737 and A320 size. It appears that these 2 aircraft are the ideal size for a flexing and chaotic passanger load. I see on the horizon the decline in sales of the other then 737 and A320s. The ratio in 2022 is nearly 10 to 1. I believe this will continue until the next generation of Faster, Higher flying Mach 1+ airliners hit the market in the next decade.


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