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DC evacuation, falae alarm over Army paratroopers

False alarm over sporting event. Did they check Flightaware? ( More...

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Cleffer 5
Now they'll be never-ending investigations into April 20th. Never forget. LOL.
What a clown car demonstration by the Capitol police. All they had to do was call the FAA operations number. The Capitol police are NOT in charge of flights over the DC area inside the SFAC or the FRZ.
Mike Mohle 4
Need a new fence around the Capitol ASAP! Possible "insurrection" underway.

bbabis 6
Total incompetency in Washington. Thank God they didn’t compound their idiocy by shooting it down.
laferrierem 3
WASHINGTON (AP) — The U.S. Capitol was briefly evacuated Wednesday evening after police identified an aircraft that they said posed “a probable threat” — but the plane was actually carrying members of the U.S. Army Golden Knights, who then parachuted into Nationals Park for a pregame demonstration.

The alert from the U.S. Capitol Police sent congressional staffers fleeing from the Capitol and legislative building around 6:30 p.m.
mbrews 3
For those without an advance warning, the low orbits seemed out-of-the ordinary, but surely didn't warrant an evacuation.

See the F.A. track.

Orbits over the baseball stadium along the Anacostia river. It was a good weather evening.

The pilots did their job professionally. Take me out to the ball game ..... YES !
bentwing60 2
nancy knows we don't like her!
Really, she's actually a very nice lady ! ! !
avionik99 2
Just another showing of the complete ineptness of the DC Police Dept. Is anyone really surprised at this?
The U.S. Capitol Police are one of the 32 Federal police forces in DC. They are not part of the DC Police.
hal pushpak 1
To paraphrase a quote from various movies (and generals:) "What they had there, was a failure to communicate"
jwmson -1
And Pelosi has yet another "hissy fit".


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