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Award-Winning Singapore Changi Airport Selects FlightAware Foresight™ Data

FlightAware announced a new partnership to provide FlightAware Foresight™ for Changi Airport Group. With one of the world’s most comprehensive datasets, Foresight predictive technology provides unprecedented insights to improve airport and airline operational efficiencies. Foresight intelligence will help to decrease preventable delays, reduce missed passenger connections, and help prevent flight cancellations for airline flights in and out of Singapore Changi Airport. ( More...

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Doyle Kaufman 3
I think Changi and Singapore Air will do whatever they can to make it a top-notch airport and airline. I’ll pay more to fly Singapore Airlines if it’s not too inconvenient. Problem is, my layover time to my most common destination has been cut to one hour so I don’t get to spend as much time at the airport and unwind, as I used to.
Rick Wald 3
YIP!! ONLY airport in the world where you're peeved cause your connection is Too efficient!!
David Carr 2
I agree. Been through Changi 3 or 4 times and very pleasant experience

Rick Wald 2
Worlds BEST Shopping Mall!!
ExPatHere 1
Love Changi….Could live there!
Peter Craddy 1
Slept 8hrs there in the transit hotel


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