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Thieves stole the flight management system computer of a Boeing 737-700 in Lagos

LAGOS, NIGERIA — Thieves broke into the cockpit of an Arik Air Boeing 737-700 jet leased from Mongolian Eznis Airways and stole its flight management system (FMS) computer. Airport officials and the Arik Air management said that the incident happened overnight between January 19 and 20 at the Lagos International Airport in Terminal 2. ( More...

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coinflyer 26
Only in Nigeria... and Los Angeles!
Hey! The guy in the email told me he needed it so he could send me my $100 million inheritance!
Alan Hume 5
With apologies to Shakespeare: "There is something rotten in [Nigeria]"
aatower 5
Coming to a home B737NG simulator near you!!
I must check my email spam folder to find this email:
Hello sir. I am representive broker of LakawakaKuki Airlines. We have acquired 1,000 FMS computers that were delivered to us by unknown parts brokers. Unfortunately, we cannot distribute these Flight management computers to several low-cost carriers because they have serial numbers. The value of the 1,000 FMS computers is estimated to be $5.5 million dollars US. We wish to enlist your aid to assist us in creating new serial i.d. plates for these computers. We will reward you $1.5 million US for your help in arranging for this. Please send us your banking information as soon as possible, so that we can deposit the funds to your account. Most Respectly, Kruked Gouy
paul gilpin 4
the article didn't say anything about the catalytic converter.
themold 3
They probably needed it for their 1951 Lada.
James Cox 3
There's no locks on an airliner so they technically didn't break into anything, they just walked in there lol
M20ExecDriver 2
This ain't Kansas, Toto.
The FMC or just the CDU?
M20ExecDriver 2
That's what happens when you don't make the lease payment.
I'm not surprised things like that happen in a lawless country like Nigeria.
Doc Brown to Marty McFly -- Get in the Delorean Marty. We have a new computer that will get us back to the future --- In The twilight Zone.
Grommit12 1
I am a frequent flyer, NOT a pilot and certainly NOT an aerospace engineer.
So my question is: What exactly can thieves do with this system?
They can't install it in another plane, can they?
Make that lease payment 😂
ExPatHere 1
So, guys, no terrorist potential here?
Pat. For 500 I think I can solve
the puzzle. Is there two g’s
Soon we all get nigeria letters
Karluz Heiz 0
Well what about the pilots piloting it totally manual...Rsrsrsrs...
Dude it's FMS is so simple that a CD-ROM hold much more data than's totally useless out of the cockpit...rsrsrsrs only in Nigeria and LA...hahahaha
Dave Cooke 0
Pssst…Senör….You neeeed soam EvEmmEss??


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