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Airline stocks surge as investors shrug off more than 3,000 new flight cancellations

Despite more than 18,000 U.S. flights having been cancelled since Christmas Eve, but airline shares rallied on Monday, a sign investors are looking ahead to the rest of the year, when travel demand is expected to rise. American’s shares rose 4.4% to $18.75, United gained 3.9% to close at $45.49, and Delta added 3.1% to end at $40.29. ( More...

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Crazy COVID-19, causing a number of unsustainable pressure
DonDengler -2
How’s those mandatory or get fired shots working ‘ya
UNITED? CEO touted how he fired valuable
Employees for refusing to do his foolish
Mandate. Get shot or you’re fired! Serves
United right to cancel thousands of flights
Bc his shot-up employees got COVID anyway. It’s all slight of hand, smoke n mirrors.
Georgina Echols 2
Exactly. Covid anyway. Nothing can stop a variant of a cold
DonDengler 0
Thanks for your echo. Supreme Ct will overturn what’s his name whos prez “man date “.


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