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Dutch authorities: many passengers on South Africa flights likely have COVID-19

Dutch health authorities said that, based on initial test results, there were likely dozens of people infected with COVID-19 among some 600 passengers that arrived at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport on Friday on two flights from South Africa. ( さらに...

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bbabis 2
Most people never even knew they had delta. With this one the symptoms are even less than the common cold and last a much shorter time. As viruses mutate they get less and less severe. As living things their most basic need is survival and killing the host is not in their best interest. Co-morbidities are the main cause of death in covid patients, not the virus itself. So many people are on death's doorstep from life choices that it doesn't take much to push them over the edge. If you're sick, fat, eat garbage all day, and never exercise pay attention to the fear porn, it is directed at you. It's cold and flu season also and just those two will do a lot of people in. Stay healthy, stay active, and live your life. Don't surrender to irrational fears.
jeff slack -2
"Many passengers on South Africa flights likely have Covid-19"

Yah' think? (sarcasm)
sharon bias 2
Latest news update as of 6 pm Eastern time on 11/27. Very different symptoms presented by patients. Some were completely vaccinated.
sharon bias 8
Science is always evolving. We go with what we have at the time. When vaccines were rolled out last winter, it didn't look like folks would need boosters. We now know you probably will. We thought Covid was transmitted by touch, so there was no Lysol to be found in the US. Now we know it's mostly transmitted by air, and masks reduce transmission by 60-80%. We just don't know what nasty surprises Omicron has. Will we need new or modified Covid tests? Does it spread even faster than Delta? What's its incubation period? All we do know right now is that Omicron has many made mutations since Delta. If scientists are worried, I'm going to pay attention.
patrick baker 4
pay attention as if your life was in the balance: South Africa now has the newest evolution of the viruses, frist results question if current medicines are capable of overcoming it. People travel, bring their illneses with them, infect those at their destinations, eventually it gets here, more people get ill, go to hospital, and die prematurely. It will come to a neightborhood near you, irregardless of your opinion about covid virus in general and the need to vaccinate.
Andy Cruickshank 3
Thank you Patrick. A precise explanation. The virus does not care if you are vaccinated or not. It will come. Our concern is whether the current vaccine and boosters will be effective against the new variant. We hope so.
Andy Cruickshank 0
So, I assume that all pax were required to produce a negative PCR test prior to boarding. This should be less than 72 hours prior to boarding. Unsure as to how 60+ pax from 2 flights from JNB tested positive on landing at AMS. I fully support vaccination but am curious to know how this happened. I hope it is not an indication of the virulence of the new strain. How come they have to have such a random and difficult to pronounce name for the variant?.
Torsten Hoff 5
The WHO uses letters from the greek alphabet to name COVID variants, and they skipped Nu and Xi because they wanted to avoid confusion with the English word “new” and because of the name of the Chinese president (Xi Jinping).
Andy Cruickshank 3
Thanks. I knew about the Greek alphabet part but not the reasons for skipping. Makes sense.

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victorbravo77 0
"Tulio de Oliveira, the director of the Centre for Epidemic Response & Innovation in South Africa:

The tests are fast because they look for just two of the coronavirus’s 29 genes — the spike gene and another gene called nucleocapsid. Thanks to its new mutations, Omicron does not test positive for the spike gene. So researchers could simply look for samples that tested positive for nucleocapsid, but negative for spike."

Not so simple, eh?
victorbravo77 -1
Did you look for both, Dubslow?
Andy Cruickshank 7
As in "I follow science when it relates to aviation (calculating V speeds and aircraft performance but paay no attention when it relates to medical issues and virus spread"
Dubslow 2
I pay more attention to the data than most of the published literature. Several decades in the future, history will regard the current "peer-reviewed literature" very, very poorly. Do NOT make the mistake of assuming the science is clear cut.
jeff slack 2
Sadly you will possibly not get to live that moment in the future and I dare say the write-ups will be how poorly so many reacted to scientific/medical advice during this pandemic; especially Americans.


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