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GE is breaking apart. Is Boeing next?

Tuesday’s announcement that General Electric will break itself up and shed its healthcare and energy businesses was a surprise, but perhaps it shouldn’t have been. ( さらに...

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linbb 2
Am sure it is and soon will be split into a dozen or more companies with each style of AC built in a different place. You know like Bend OR or Chiloquin international airport.
Anthony Dennis 2
The wonderful thing about getting older is we get to see the same old playbook time and time again. Vertical integration, right sizing, Streamlining, Too big to fail, Application of Synergies, now they want to "Demerger" into separate entities with their own stock. But GE is keeping a percentage so they can buy it back once the new shareholders pay to get the company profitable again. Neutron Jack would be proud of how they are milking the potential shareholders. GE catches a cold Boeing sneezes. They all are on the same boards, they all talk. they all fail the same way.


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