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Europe's low-cost carriers to drive jet demand over next 20 years -Boeing

Planemaker Boeing said that European low-cost carriers would help drive demand for new aircraft in the region over the next 20 years, as airlines replace their ageing fleets with more fuel-efficient jets. Boeing said on Tuesday that it expects airlines in Europe to order 7,100 new single-aisle planes, usually used for short haul trips, between now and 2040, with low-cost specialists like Ryanair behind that demand. In fact, Europe's demand for planes will be even more strongly driven by… ( さらに...

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Torsten Hoff 4
Boeing could well be right with their estimates, but I believe the majority of those sales will go to the super-efficient A220 and A320 families. Ryanair is likely to remain a Boeing-centric airline, but they will only account for a fraction of the total aircraft demand in Europe.

Mathew Thieneman 3
Boeing needs to get it's head of it's butt and just make planes again. They're so worried about devaluing their stock by $0.02 with an expensive new aircraft project tomorrow, instead of worrying about losing their rear end in the next 5 years and beyond.
Thomas Craig -1
Abus employee
Pete Ostrowski 2
737s in whatever iteration is a losing plan. Is a 757 max a valid response? Is a 77x a niche player? Something needs to shake Boeing enough tumble the top brass and allow fresh ideas to sprout


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