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FAA still reviewing Boeing 777 engine fix after Denver emergency landing

The Federal Aviation Administration said Monday it is continuing to review Boeing 777-200 planes equipped with Pratt & Whitney engines like the one involved in a United Airlines emergency landing in February in Denver. ( さらに...

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mbrews 2
If it's one of these PW4000-112-powered planes, I'm not going. More than 50 of these aircraft remain grounded by FAA, after spectacular Fan Blade Off events.

Korean and Japan airlines quickly retired their PW powered 777s after the Denver failure.

But United Airlines keeps wishing and hoping they can patch things up. No thanks there are plenty of other choices
nemosteve1080i 1
I am not a pilot, A&P mechanic, stock holder, just a paying passenger with deep seeded loyalty to UA from the CO days. If this particular P&W engine is an issue, why can't they be swapped out for another 777 certified pair of engines? They all mount to the same pylons, burn the same fuel, probably weigh about the same, produce similar thrust, and probably communicate the same data to the cockpit. The triple 7 is a good airframe, just these engines have issues. Someone in the technical side of the aviation or aircraft engine industry, please respond.


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