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Ryanair to recruit 2,000 pilots over next three years after planes order

Ryanair is aiming to recruit another 2,000 pilots over the next three years to help rebuild the airline’s passenger numbers after the Covid-19 pandemic as it takes delivery of more than 200 Boeing 737 Max aircraft. The airline received its first 737 Max planes from Seattle last month and plans to take delivery of more than 50 this summer to start ramping up schedules next year. ( さらに...

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patrick baker 0
Well, the new pilot recruits and the crews already flying, will be operating lots of new boeing Max aircraft, possible the Max-10 737 all over europe, going to secondary and third-level airports misidentified as large metropolitan area airports. Ryanair geography fiction abounds up and down their flight schedule. Be prepared to be on duty lots of added hours, be prepared to clean up between flights- both stewardesses and pilots- as times are very tight and littering happens on Ryanair flights a great deal. Go to another carrier if you are looking to fly for a kind, appreciative boss who truly cares for the well-being of those who operate his aircraft. Maybe you will be among the lucky pilots who get to fly some chinese airliners, as Leary seems to want a few of those. You will be able soon enough to build flight hours, anxiety and frustration with your employer. Good luck...
Highflyer1950 3
Yes and all for the grand sum of £26k - £120k a year…….not near enough!
joe johnson 1
Is that on a 12 year payscale?

bentwing60 0
Will the first box on the app. be TT PIC turbine airplane or the question, 'have you had the jab yet'?

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