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ALPA calls on FAA to require ‘secondary’ flight deck barriers

The largest US pilot union is urging the US government to take additional steps to prevent passengers from gaining access to flight decks, saying a recent spike in air-rage incidents signals a need for better security. ( さらに...

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patrick baker 12
Like what, exactly? want to build a moat at the flight deck door? I have not heard of anybody gaining access to the flight deck by going through the reinforced door when locked. The security needs to be improved where the passengers sit, not where the flight crew works. Strict enforcement of fines and jail time will solve the air-rage numbers, given time and consistent federal charging and court appearances and imprisonment. Banish repeat air-ragers will reduce the numbers of the miscreatants.
emkostiuk 1
I believe the ALPA is calling for mandatory 2nd devices, not an option like it is now. Given our current laws, and the so-called liberal judges we have that many of these folks arrested use the "I went crazy cause mommy/daddy didn't give me a hostess twinkie at age 5" excuse. The lady who was posted on the news hitting the SWA FA is now claiming she was defending herself and will prove she struck only after being touched. Now, should be be banned? YES but I guarantee the court system, as liberal as it appears, will not place her on any list other than SWA.

Harsher laws are needed I will agree with you but that takes years for our congressional leaders to implement. The short, as well as the long term, solution would be the secondary device shown in the article.

What needs to be done at the Fed level is charges in a Federal court v the State Court where many of these cases will end up. Yes, it's a violation of Federal law, but in many of the cases, the damn FBI sends it back to local authorities where these idiots walk scot-free. As a former Reserve US Marshal, I saw way too many cases where an AUSA would not handle a case but rather dump it on local authorities to prosecute. When that happens the local DA will plea out a deal giving the scum a walk-away instead of hard jail/fine time.
Matt Reardon 0
I totally disagree, thats part of the problem, we have too many laws, too many fascist irrational unjustified requirements, and to much harshness and redness on the part of the airline staff. The answer is less rules, less regulations, more customer service, more respectful treatment of the flying customers. You ar advocating the descent into more and more fascism which creates a vicious circle and incites people like me to fight back with whatever it takes. Others certainly feel the same as i do. And you and your ALPA sleeping friend should take heed because when exceptionally well educated and long serving military veterans such as i have took the trouble to make responses to this garbage you should consider that the boiling anger is likely stronger and more pervasive than you might imagine.
Jim Sinsky 2
The ALPA proposal makes sense. The article says some airlines already have the secondary barriers. As to stricter penalties and fines, I doubt if the 9/11 terrorists would have thought, “Hmmmm, I better not do this. I might go to jail.”

This seems to be one critical system on commercial aircraft that does not have redundancy.
Steve Ortiz 1
I am surprised Boeing and Airbus haven't designed New aircraft with enhanaced security measures in place. I imagine an enlongated cockpit area, with a set of lavatory and galley just for the pilots, segregated from the rest of the plane (No doorway to main plane cabin) and their own entrance/exit from the plane. They elongate planes to add more customers, why not do so for security?
James Driskell 0
Extend the cockpit? Nothing like upsetting the aerodynamics of the aircraft.
Steve Ortiz 1
They already extrnd aircraft cabins to make new and larger variations of the same aircraft body (-200, -300, -400, etc.).
ADXbear 1
Great.. these bars along with the recently announced Single pilot initiatives by Airbus.. we could have alot of "German wings" suicides.. I think there needs to be a ground based system that unlocks these doors, I thought the flight attendants with the food cart was working pretty good, I'm not seeing the need for an extra set of bars..
He'll if there making these airplanes, just have a flight crew External door with no access to the passengers..

Seeing bars on going to the flight deck just seems so hostile and prison like..
Billy Koskie 1
Until things straighten out, I'm driving.
W6DE 1
This has not been thought out very well. What about egress in an accident? Or the aircraft experiences an on board power failure? The pictures aren't very clear about operation. A roll up barrier would be a disaster.
Joseph Burnside 1
I refuse to fly. If I cant drive or ride my motorcycle- Im not going.
Flying now is like taking a detroit crosstown bus loaded with wild animals trapped in a pressurized metal tube at 37k ft traveling at 500mph. Sound like fun.
Nope. the wild animals have ruined it for everyone that enjoys flying. Used to love it. Not going anymore,

Matt Reardon 0
Absurd nonsense. The ALPA are ridiculous supplicants of the fascist CY FAA bureaucrats. They all deserve to be kicked out the planes at lets says 35k feet or so. There are enough pilots among us we will figure out how to get it on the ground and of course open bar for everyone on the way down. Fight fascism, join the insurgency, thats the only way possible we can maintain our freedom. The perpetually irrationally fearful should stay in their closets and never come out let them mummify in place.
Dean Brossman 0
Typical ALPA nonsense. On some cargo aircraft the supernumerary seats are in the flight deck, it would not be possible to install a barrier between them and the flight crew.


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