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United Airlines warns thousands of employees that their jobs are again at risk, labor unions seek more government aid

United Airlines said the jobs of roughly 14,000 employees are at risk when a second round of federal aid expires this spring, the latest sign of how the industry is struggling to regain its footing in the coronavirus pandemic. ( さらに...

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Anthony Dennis 1
Let them go bankrupt. There are programs to help the workforce. My company does not get federal aid because jobs are at risk, I have employees on furlough, I want millions in federal aid. Who can i complain to. It is utter rubish, let the airlines figure out what to do to stay solvent or go bankrupt.
Paul Miller -1
Goodness me ? Maybe the Government should just take over the Four Big Major USA Airlines and stop them all from moaning to us all these days ? that they are NOT making money hand over fist and sticking it to us like they were only just a little over a Year ago !!!! Just MY view that's all...


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